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Smell The Flowers

I had a busy day today, sometimes I feel like I don't have time to smell the flowers......and that's important you know. The flowers are only here for a short while.
Post office visit today (I finally sent off licorice and Dalahästar from Sweden to my friends).
I ran into Nancy and Honey at the post office, I have to remember to tell you what Nancy told was kind of funny but spot on. Errands. Then some tanning outside, who knows it might rain tomorrow, I need to catch the sun while it's here and warm. Then a walk with Chhaya. Stuff.....there's always stuff to do. And now it's 8 pm and I have to take a shower and get ready for work. I'm not in the mood for work tonight but I might as well go in. You know I'm tired of making only $1000/night at the club here, it's getting old. But I might as well go......I guess $1000 is better than nothing. Maybe I'll buy myself a new Prada bag tomorrow, I've been eying a powder pink one for a while. ;-)
I might bring in my laptop to work too, I might have something more to say (I always have something to say).

PS.....$1000 is a JOKE.....there are a few that will know what I mean with this joke too.
Dancers (some dancers) like to exaggerate their earnings, why I don't know. I just know that it is really LAME to do that.


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claudia on :

Girl stop lying i know you are taking home at least 1500 a night with that million dollar pu..y :-)

Tatiana on :

Shhhhhh! Do NOT tell my big money secrets to all the other dancers! I am pretending to barely scrape together
$40/night.....I don't need all the other money hungry dancers to come here from all over the country and ruin the club!

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