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I have been to many many raves or parties or whatever you want to call the large events where people gather to dance to amazing music with great beats and heavy bass all night long to the early morning. I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC & I LOVE TO DANCE!!!!! If I like the music I will stay on the dance floor until the party is over. Majority of the time sober. Yes, sober.
What I wanted to talk about is that many people that never been to a rave before think that everybody is basically totally fucked up on drugs, like every pill imaginable plus some acid and copious amounts of cocaine on top of that. Yes, people do drugs raves. I have and enjoyed every second to the fullest being on E, trust me! No regrets on my part. I think everybody should have one or a few great E experiences in their life, maybe the world would be a better place then. But......BUT people do drugs every day, before work, before they go to bed, to be able to stay awake in church early Sunday morning after getting drunk Saturday night, they do legal and illegal drugs. Some do meth and others abuse their Adderall prescription, so I'm really tired of folks pointing their finger at us music and dance lovers that gather at the happy events known as "raves". Clean up your own shit before you start pointing your finger at me. I am sober compared to most people that I encounter. I don't drink or do drugs at work for example.
Another very important issue is the alcohol. I have seen way more people act inappropriate and/or violent because of alcohol. You rarely see any violence a raves but throw in some alcohol at a rock concert, country show or some other gathering where people usually drink a lot and all kinds of bad stuff happens. I have a great example for ya'll. The recent Keith Urban concert. A 17 year old girl got raped. And there were mass arrests and hospitalizations (I read one report that said 50 arrests and 46 people sent to the hospital) due to alcohol.
Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) took place in Vegas last month. 400 000 tickets were sold to the three day event, I think it's safe to say that most of the people that were lucky enough to score a ticket went. I can guarantee that there were way less violent incidents and hospitalizations at EDC Las Vegas 2014 than the recent Keith Urban concert (when you compare the attendees to both events)......besides how many people does a Keith Urban convert draw? A couple of thousand maybe? I don't have an exact number. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal....."Las Vegas police made 25 drug-related felony arrests and 13 misdemeanor arrests on the final night. Two DUI arrests also were made. From 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday, 234 medical calls were made at the event and eight people were transported to a hospital."
Keep in mind that a medical call is not the same as taking somebody to the hospital. So six people out of a crowd of about 130 000 Sunday night.
Yes, deaths happen at raves. YOU are responsible for your own well being, remember that. DO NOT blame a rave or the rave promoter for YOU taking too many drugs, drinking too much or being irresponsible. If you can't be responsible for your own actions in society, whether you attend a rave, a concert, go to the beach, church or wherever you might be going - STAY AT HOME.
Here are some pics of me with friends from a some raves I have attended. EDC used to be held in Los Angeles at the LA Sports Arena before they moved to Las Vegas (due to some overdose controversies). The LA Sports Arena, a great venue for a party, those were the days! I have so many amazing rave memories.....some of the best times of my life were made dancing and mingling at raves. SO MUCH FUN!
I am going to Burning Man next's going to be it was last year.
I'm going to dance every night. Dancing is my therapy. ❤

Me & Julia and a beautiful girl we met that we called "Asian Butterfly".

Dressed in pajamas, slippers and Hello Kitty accessories at Monster Massive.

With Angelica and Reza (in the middle). When I go back to Vegas I am going to Reza's parties in Los Angeles, it's going to be fun reconnecting with my old rave friends......I can't wait!!!!!


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Mr B on :

Bet you are excited about Burning man - I bet everyone wants you to be their sparkle pony to win best float in the parade?

Tatiana on :

Sparkle Pony!
I am excited over BM! Yes I am.....

claudia on :

That was an amazing EDC! I mean nothing compared to Chicago's festival of horror know! Lol

Tatiana on :

Amazing indeed.....although the pics with you in them are from Monster Massive.
But EDC or Monster Massive in LA back in the day, don't matter....they were all amazing.

Mandy on :

Did people come up to you and say Omg WHAT are you on?! Lol. I would make up something like heroin and meth when it was really just a shit ton of pixie sticks.
Those were the days.

Tatiana on :

Yes.....lots of what are you on questions......or the classic, are you rollin'?
Yes, those were the days......I will always remember my very first rave, NARNIA.

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