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It's been pouring down rain here all day. I spent a few hours at Kaladi with Genesis this afternoon, having latte and company on a rainy day is a good thing.

Then I checked my PO BOX and saw that I got a package from Julia. She spent a lot of time on details like cute stickers and stuff. And she sent me a shower creme from Bath & Body Works. And an article about Sambalatte in Vegas.....I love that place. The funny thing is that I had a feeling that she would send me a shower creme from Bath & Body Works (it's that intuition I've been having lately). Dziękuję Julia!

Now I'm having a girlfriend over. At some point tonight we might watch a movie, if we can stop talking.....we have a lot of catching up to do. It's about midnight and it's pitch black more light out until 1 am. Wintertime is slowly creeping up on us......


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