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Here is last nights list of the rotation. The funny thing is that I KNEW I was going to be number eleven on that list, I felt it on my drive into work. And it happened. I was very pleased with the eleven spot, since it is my favorite number. Actually lately, I feel something and just that thing happens. I guess that it was they call intuition. It's somewhat strange to have that ability, to know certain things will happen before they do......and I don't always listen to my intuition.
I wish that I paid attention to it more though. I have made too many mistakes regarding people in my life.

The hammer? That's my new prop. If you don't tip me enough on stage or get a lap dance when I demand that you get one, I'll give you a good whack on the head with it.
Sometimes men need that extra bit of assistance to get things done and understand......and a good whack on the head with a hammer usually does the trick. Trust me, you don't want to be my boyfriend......I utilize violence instead of communication. Who has time for communication? Not me. I'm very impatient and like to get my point across.
Also, some chick that I work with (bleh) is walking around with ping pong balls in her purse. Like I said the other day, some dancers carry all kinds of weird stuff in their purses.
They should be featured in one of those gossip magazines that has a small article with some random female celebrity, they show their purse and the contents in it. Ping pong balls?
Last time I checked this was the US, not Bangkok Thailand.
I worked with a very funny girl a while back, Mo (aka Mo Mo). She would squeeze out small plastic eggs from her VAGINE and also give the word light show a whole new meaning.
Yeah, she would stuff a light in there too. Although me and Mo didn't always see eye to eye about certain things, I really did like her. She was HILARIOUS and witty, plus those plastic eggs and that light show would make even the most dull night at work become a fun one. I miss Mo. She made me laugh. Tatiana & Mo Mo a few years ago.

Also last night me and Roxy shared a few good laughs in the dressing room. Her feet ached so she put on her regular shoes to see if that would work, to get a dance. Since wearing her Stardust Platforms (we both have those) didn't do the trick at all last night, we were kind of slow last night.......but no. Even wearing a sexy pair of Liz Clairbone sandals didn't do it. Like I said, whack them on the head with a hammer.

The last two nights I've been getting an unusual amount of compliments, maybe the guys are slightly tired from all the fishing or are wearing an extra strong pair of beer goggles, I'm not sure what it is. But two old guys Friday night said they've been coming here for 21 years and I was the best looking girl they have seen in the club. Then last night some guy (in a group of three) declared that I was one of the prettiest girls he has ever seen in a strip club and he claimed to have been to A LOT of clubs and seen many dancers. I made him repeat this to Cricket because I am demanding a raise after these grand statements. Instead of making 25 cents an hour I now want 50. Starting Monday. I am tired of being underpaid and under appreciated.
Then some other guy, while I was standing with two of my co workers (so they heard it also) said that I am only becoming better looking every year. I told him my secret is lots of plastic surgery and cocaine. These guys have never seen me in the daytime, it's amazing what some fake lashes, a pretty bra and cute panties do to ones looks. Try it, it might work for you too! Do you think I'm tooting my own horn a bit too much for your own taste? Get used to it (if you are going to read my blog) I am full of myself ( would be too if you were me) and I toot my own horn the loudest. Not always though. I have the ability to be very humble too.
I like it when other people are around when I get comments/compliments like these......then I have proof that I am not making stuff up. I don't have to make stuff up.
With that being said, being thought of as pretty/beautiful and wearing a nice sparkly bra and a brand new pair of Honey Dew's still doesn't make one have the most dances every night (at the club HERE, although it does work in other places for some strange reason).
Looks combined with personality don't matter too much here. What you need here is an outfit that looks dingy and dirty, with holes in it and that has been worn for three years in a row. Doing weird stuff during lap dances also works very well here. I don't give penis exams, I thought only the hookers at the brothels in Nevada were required to do so by law and gynecologists. I'm neither. I'm just pretty. LOL.
It's nice and sunny out. I might have to take advantage of this beautiful day. Check back another time for more of my amazing writing.......!


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Mandy on :

Ping pong balls....what is this Tijuana?!
But need to GET ON THE wouldn't want to be accused of not being a.....TEAM PLAYER.
pew pew pew!

Tatiana on :

Some of the talent that comes through here.....with or without ping pong balls, belong in Tijuana.

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