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Went Camping

I was gone for a few days in case anyone noticed......or missed me. ;-)
I went camping but I'm back now - alive. Mandy told me before I left to have fun and not to get eaten by a bear. I made it back alive. I saw only birds, a porcupine and some white mountain goats or sheep. I went camping at Cooper Lake. At a place where you have to either fly into or take some form of a motorized vessel. Absolutely gorgeous! Nobody around, just water, tall mountains and trees with the wind rustling through them.
First I packed and brought the essentials, Chhaya, my gun, bear spray, reading material and toilet paper. What else do you need? A man too perhaps? To do all the heavy work while I work on my eyebrows?

If I was ever stranded on a deserted island I would need a tweezer, cue tips and a comb. That's all I need as far as personal items go. I have been wanting to share this fact for a long time with my readers and I'm glad I was finally able to!

Some scenic pics and Chhaya in her life jacket. The water here is so cold that you better make sure you wear a life jacket in case you would be unlucky and fall in. This is not Florida!
Glacier water here in Alaska, freezing. If you look you can spot my canoe and my tent in the pics.

My food when camping consists of fruit, yam, corn, chips and juice. I love yams when camping.....yuuuuuum. And Chhaya loves yams too, in fact when camping she wants to taste everything that I eat. And she wears herself out and enjoys napping in the sun, soaking it up like a lizard.

Well, I'm safely back at my comfortable house in Kenai. Now I need to wash the camping grime off me and brush my teeth thoroughly, I brush them when camping but it's not the same as at home. Maybe a moisturizing honey mask on my face too?


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