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Wild Alaskan Kodiak

Here are some pictures of the actual boat, the Wild Alaskan where I recently worked and stayed. Overall I had a good trip. There were some things that I was not too happy with but nothing major. BUT I know a person that had a very bad experience on that boat. I was not there when all of that transpired so I was not there to witness any of that. I have not said much about my overall impression......yet. I might sit down tomorrow if I have enough time and write a summary. The word about the boat is spreading and again my blog is getting some attention. Not everybody seems to understand what a blog is and they also have a negative view about a blog. For your information, blogging is normal and there are A LOT of blogs out there, shocking - I KNOW! Some people can barely compose an email and spell and only know how to update stuff on their Facebook. I have a blog and I read and research things online that vary from TMZ to Al Jazeera. Now you know.
Dancers will talk about their experiences (good and bad) amongst themselves in the dressing room at work and on any public forum available for these discussions. There are plenty of places online where dancers discuss work related issues, this is no secret. If they don't like something, the word will me. My blog is much more important for me than any club. And freedom of speech is one of the most important freedoms we have. That I will not give up. And if you have been reading my blog for a while, you also know that I write about SO MUCH more than just my job and all the drama that sometimes comes with that.
With that being said, I like Kodiak island. I enjoy traveling and gathering new experiences.
I wish every dancer that goes out to the Wild Alaskan much luck and if you want to ask me any specific questions you can do so in an email.


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claudia on :


Mandy on :

The Wild Barflaskan. The Barf Alaskan. The Barf Barf. But for real....I made SO many new best friends while I was there. It helps when you're a TEAM PLAYER!

Tatiana on :

I'm on team Stuck Up Bitch.

Jason keller on :

The boat idea is awesome, but the girls are trashy. There's one that calls herself queen something.... Yeah, the queen of hoes. Good place to go if you're looking for some extra action on top of a lap dance though, these girls do it all.

Tatiana on :

Really? Cause when I was there we all strictly adhered to the no touching agreement but I haven't been there since July, maybe things have changed.

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