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I am back home in Kenai. Since I didn't sleep last night, packed and caught the 9 am flight from Kodiak, via Anchorage then Kenai, I am super tired now. My baby Chhaya is sleeping stretched out and happy next to me. I am going to go to sleep myself soon.
More pics from my Kodiak adventure tomorrow. That feels secondary at the moment.
My thoughts are with the people that got shot down earlier today on the Malaysian Airways plane that crashed in Ukraine. I don't understand this. I feel so bad for the victims and their families. Every time something similar like this happens I think about how their last moments were. Did they know? Were they scared? Sad? Oblivious? The passengers and crew on that flight that got shot down occupy my thoughts today. It's just wrong. I don't get this. Why?
I flew out of Schiphol myself last month, twice. The thought that the plane you are on might get shot down en route didn't even cross my mind. I called my Mom to check with her what they say in Sweden about this tragedy. The stories differ there and here in the US. There is no excuse for this. I'm sad. I don't like this world right now.


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Mandy on :

Not to be all Sarah Palin but...Russia is just a short ways from Alaska. Hopefully no one else makes any more "mistakes"

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