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Monk's Rock

I have been going to Monk's Rock almost every day to eat and Harborside for my latte and some WiFi. I love Monk's Rock! They have the borscht and some yummy veggie sandwiches and my kind of place. If you are craving exceptionally delicious sushi, try Powerhouse - that's what all the locals say. And the staff at Monk's Rock are super friendly too, the cashier girl knows me by name and has been to Poland several times.

You can buy a nice coffee mug here and sweatshirt and t-shirts.

The place is full of Russian icon saints and holy water, there is even a Saint Tatiana. I did not know that until the other day.

It's soooooo nice outside, nicest day so far. The sun is out and the sky is blue. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon tanning and relaxing.


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Mandy on :

I bet the sushi is amazing there. They have to be using some fresh fish. Those mugs are pretty awesome too! I bought one really similar to that in Winner about three years ago at the thrift store. It just has the name Fred painted on it lol.

Mumintrollet on :

Maybe you too should go to Kodiak and work, then you can brag with a straight face that you worked on a Bering Sea crabbing boat.

The work so hard no men qualified.

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