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Northend Park

At work here I get asked if I had the chance to see any of Kodiak. Well, I am here to work and I work until about 4 am, go to sleep by 5 and wake up around noon. Sure I do things in the daytime, like eat, get my latte and make sure the blog is updated (which is taking longer than usual because the WiFi is painfully slow). I have actually visited Kodiak Island once July 2010. Me and Chhaya took the ferry over and spent a few days here, I took my car and we explored the island. Kodiak Island is also called The Emerald Isle. It is absolutely beautiful here on a nice day, very lush and green.....healthy. The ocean is amazing and the wildlife abundant. There are no moose on Kodiak but plenty of deer and of course the world famous Kodiak brown bear. I am very happy to have seen Kodiak Island, that was on my list of places to visit when I first got to Alaska. I did go to Northend Park yesterday to enjoy nature.

And I looked in my archives and found this four year old pic that I took at the ferry heading for Kodiak.


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Mr.B on :

Dear Ms.T
Great responses to and with the Blog. It is good to see faithful followers. Funny too! I hope the response continues. I can see you leveraging this into being a talk show host - Traveling Tatiana!
The writing gets better and better. I hope you are planning on getting much bigger. Sort of like a snow ball down a ski slope.

Tatiana on :

Thank You Mr B!
Traveling Tatiana sound like a plan!

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