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Nice Day

It started out raining today but here I am sitting at Harborside with my latte and it's a nice day out. I will be here a few more days and then go back home to Kenai and enjoy being with Chhaya and maybe go camping next week. Chhaya wants to go canoeing.
I don't really have much to say, feeling a bit tired. I think I am going to go for a walk and enjoy nature for a while before work tonight......recharge my body with fresh air.

Oh.....I just remembered something from last night. There were a few girls sitting around the stage and many times when girls (civilians) sit around the stage in a strip club they want to be funny and put dollar bills behind their ears, in their cleavage and in between their legs and want us to dive in and pluck the dollars off them while their male companions watch.
The fake lesbian "show". Sometimes I participate and other times I am not in the mood.
Well, there were two girls at the stage last night and one of them had her boyfriend next to her. I have to say that they were a really good looking couple, I did my little thing for the girlfriend, she smelled good and was fun. Then they wanted their other friend to be part of the action they put a few dollars in between her legs, she had jeans on. Keep in mind, this is all like a fun and easygoing pretend show. I don't make out with strangers or actually stick my fingers or tongue into any openings. (In case you are confused to how this works.) Well, this girl REEKED down there. It was really bad. How anyone can walk out of the house and go out for the night smelling like that in their crotch area is incomprehensible to me. If I had an odor like that down below I would go and see the doctor. I feel bad for her boyfriend if she has one. Not even Summers Eve would work on that. Besides....if you need to spray yourself down with Summers Eve to mask any odors and keep your crotch stank at do need to see the doctor. I have never used Summers Eve or any of those VAGINE deodorants. If it's healthy and clean, it is. Otherwise Planned Parenthood can help you with your intimate issues.


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RoseMarie on :

Haha Did you make a funny face?

Tatiana on :

No....I didn't want to embarrass her but I didn't stick around for a long time.....

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