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Bloody Toe

I hit my toe on something sharp yesterday so now I have a bloody toe. I have to make sure to clean it really good today so I don't get some kind of a bad infection like staph or MRSA.
I actually know of a girl that got a splinter in her toe at the Bush Company and she got a really bad infection that spread up her leg and she could not work for months!
I might have to visit DrM when I get back to Kenai so her can tend to my injury. DrM I am making an appointment for Friday!

Besides getting neosporin and band aid today I got a latte. It's kind of windy and chilly. I was really hoping for sun so I could lay out and tan......maybe tomorrow? I'm going to have to get ready soon because I need to wash my hair today.


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Kay on :

Are you working in Kodiak on the Wild Alaskan?

Nurse Julia on :

Patient must clean the wound with warm water and a gentle soap. Keep wound dry and only use a small amount of Neosporin as it can kill healthy bacteria along with the bad bacteria. Wrap the laceration with soft bandage and waterproof medical tape. Band-Aid is acceptable if big enough to cover laceration. Only clean wound with warm water and soap. Stay away from rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Keep clean and avoid getting any debris in laceration. This will keep risk of infection down. Let it breathe from bandage when sleeping but keep foot covered with a cotton sock that isnt too tight. No sandals ! When walking around wear shoes and cotton socks. Take some Tylenol or asprin or Advil to control any pain or throbbing. Page me if you have further questions. You know the private number. Do not follow any other advice without consulting with me. Thanks !!!! #Nurse Julia#

Tatiana on :

Nurse Julia would be happy to know that I followed all her expertise advice....except I did wear my flip flops peroxide....only soap and water and narrow stripper heel for 7 hours each night....feet are now resting in soft and fluffy pink cotton socks.

Bambi on :

Someone told me that there's a stripper boat in Kodiak called the FISHY VAGINE. Is that where you are Tatiana ? I heard there is no stage fee if you bring a can of tuna and some vag spray like Summers Eve. Also i heard those girls on the fishy VAGINE boat are making about two grand a night.

Mumintrollet on :

Sounds plausible.
But I heard it was a can of swedish surströmming (soured herring).

Tatiana on :

Bambi guessed it! The Fishy Vagine.....latest attraction in Kodiak....2000/night is what the sorry and broke strippers in Williston scrape by on. Here at the Fishy Vagine I throw a fit if I don't have minimum 3500 in one night.....
A can of tuna or that famous surstromming and your house fee is waived!

Mandy on :

Eh, you probably need a tetanus shot too. Ugh, it looks like whatever it was rammed up underneath your toenail too. Ow.
At least you didn't get any splinters in your ass cheek.

Tatiana on :

No splinters in my pale butt cheeks. ...yet.

Josh G on :

Ah Harborside, love that place. And never knew there was any place on the 'Wack to dance at.

Tatiana on :

The Wack? What's that? Kodiak?

Annette on : toe hurts from seeing yours......ouch! Please take care of it as nurse Julia says. Being the lab tech I am there are all sorts of bad bugs out there.

Josh G on :

Yeah was nickname we gave it with the film crew I was on when we were there.
I spent 8 months on island and they are still filming there at the Coast Guard base 4 years later.

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