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I heard some talk about two of the girls that worked here in the summer and their trips to the grocery stores around town. That they would dress up kind of SEKSI and go up to random guys shopping and advertise their "services". I don't know if they were approaching the men with some kind of invitation about coming into the club and see them naked or if there were invitations to spend other kind of time together. You know, play for pay. They supposedly did some of that also.
Sure, this was gossip but these two ladies built a nice reputation for themselves while being I doubt it is completely unfounded.
Now, going up to guys shopping for groceries can be rather risky. He might be there with his significant other that is just temporary out of sight because she might be bagging up some tomatoes or grabbing milk. If I would had seen two skanks trying to rub up on MY man, well I would had grabbed one of these fish whackers that you can buy at Fred Meyer and smacked them around a bit. Bitch whacker OK?!
Actually I am going to get one of these whackers, not to slap around some skanks with......I am going to slap guys around with it at work. Provide some extra discipline when they don't behave how I see it fitting. Boss Lady will be thrilled when I bring it in next time I work!


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Paul on :

Ball whacker!

Ouch, hurts even to think about it!

Tatiana on :

he he he.......

mandy on :

You know what that looks good for? Pluggin.
It even looks like it glows in the dark. If one of those girls is who I think it is, she probably has a ghetto thug at home to take care of. Weed and gold teeth are getting really expensive.

Tatiana on :

I could not afford my ghetto thug so we broke up......yes weed is an expensive everyday habit....
That blue baking soda is way more affordable!

Savannah on :

Haha. I think I know of who you're speaking of, and this doesnt surprise me. One in particular is VERY forward, and both lack class and intelligence despite how one of them tries to portray herself. The boyfriend description is so accurate its almost scary lol and hes a true piece of shit. Im surprised authorities never saw what they do and picked them up for prostitution. Its sad really that they think they are so great and such good people. Unfortunately I know better knowing them both personally. Not good people in my opinion, but each their own I guess.

Tatiana on : each their own. Imagine if we all wanted and fought over the ghetto thugs! No thanks.

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