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Summer Time

Ooooooh today we have a beautiful summer time day here. I just got back home from a walk with Chhaya, she is panting because it's hot outside.
I am trying to decide if I should work or not. When it's nice out like it is right now, going into work feels like torture almost......I might go for a run right now and see how I feel about work after that.


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Mumintrollet on :

If you have problems with mosquitoes around your house, you should check this type of thing out :

It's a trap that lures them in with heat , co2 and scent, supposed to be really effective what I've read.

Would be a shame if you couldn't sunbathe.

Tatiana on :

I might have the problem taken car of.....actually.
I could not sunbathe yesterday when it was so nice outside.....and today it's cold and gray again.....

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