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Pretty Food

I must be bored since this will be my third blog entry of the day. It's impossible to walk through the forest I found out this afternoon due to the large amounts of starving mosquitoes that are waiting to attack. Poor Chhaya had at least 20 attached to her when she came out of the forest, I had a towel with me on our walk and swatted her with it. She loves it when I swat her with the towel and jumps around and acts all crazy. I noticed that they are especially fond of her butt. When I look under her tail there are several of mosquitoes there sucking blood. Again, very GROSS.
This is today's pretty food plate. Salad. It was yummy. I am now full and tired. Don't know if I will make it to work tonight, I am still jetlagged. What should I do instead? Another load of laundry perhaps? The fun life in Kenai is back in full swing. Yeay....! Not.

That is my new table cloth from Sweden with Midsommar motif and a hot plate holder made from juniper wood, also from Sweden that I will use to put candles on because it is too pretty to hide under a pot. And a super cute rock shaped like a heart that Mandy sent me. The fun coincidence here is that I have a rock shaped like a heart that I was going to send her.
She beat me to it.


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Mumintrollet on :

What music do you dance to at work?

What type do you like and what does the audience like, and how do club differ?

You mentioned Rammstein somewhere one your blog, what do you think about them?

Tatiana on :

Different types of music but preferably no rap, country and stuff like Gangam Style or What Does The Fox say (a song that should never be played in a strip club).
I love Rihanna and I have a revolving list of good songs and also plenty of House/Techno with a good beat.
Clubs do differ, smaller clubs in small towns usually go for rock and country. Clubs in Vegas and NYC keep up with the trends, not too much country.
I don't play for the audience, I play for myself, the audience should be happy they get to see me, that is how I look at things.
Rammstein.....I have one of their cd's and if I ever dance to them (which is kind of rare) it's like one or two songs.

Although my latest faves to dance to lately are Richard F - Cookie Dough Dynamo, Usher - Scream and Sultan Ned Shepard and BT - In The Air feat. Angela McCluskey.....I LOOOOOVE that song!!!

Mumintrollet on :

So you dance to rock/metal? How long is a dance?
Do you chose the music or does the DJ/club?

"What Does The Fox say (a song that should never be played in a strip club)."

Good God, that noise is an atrocity. I've been blissfully unaware of it's existence. Should be banned everywhere, maybe not on children's parties.
Are there really DJ:s playing that voluntary on a club?

"I don't play for the audience, I play for myself,"

Come on , as an entertainer don't you adapt the choice for the audience?

"Rammstein.....I have one of their cd's and if I ever dance to them (which is kind of rare) it's like one or two songs."

Which ones?
One has to be Mann gegen mann, great song and sweet irony to play a song about male gay sex on a strip club.
Rammstein has a good bombastic sound, I like most of their songs.

"Richard F - Cookie Dough Dynamo"

That one was sweet. Which one do you dance to , the original or the "explicit lyrics" remix version? Both are good.
Is that house or techno ?

I think I usually dont like House , too much singing, techno usually is more of constant surreal sound effects which is nicer.

What category is Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night ?

Tatiana on :

Metal no. Rock is OK but it's rare. I love Linkin Park because I love Chester but only the slow songs.
Cookie Dough Dynamo explicit of course..... ;-)
I'm not into too much vocal house, I like house with a good beat and base. Some people call that techno others progressive house, to make it simpler I guess EDM.
Rammstein - Du Hast and Stripped but that is very rare.
The girls usually get to pick their music, in some clubs not and that is never popular (among the girls). In most clubs the songs hover around 4 minutes or so, if the song is too long it will get cut.
Since "the audience" half of the time consists of drunk and confused people that don't know what's going on anyways I really do not care about what they want to hear. Like I said, they should be happy that I am on that stage in the first place, therefore since I am the one dancing I am the one picking my music. If they don't like it oh well. It's a strip club, not some sort of a dance club or line dancing establishment. I'm not going on stage to Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup just because some drunks might want to hear it. Maybe some other girl will but

Mumintrollet on :

Which slow Linkin Park songs?

Tatiana on :

New Divide and What I've Done
Chester has the best voice ever. Not to mention that he is absolutely gorgeous.

Mandy on :

You ever try essential oils for mosquito repellent? Lemon Eucalyptus is suppose to work well. The rock looks so cute! :-D

Tatiana on :

I did get an essential oil for mosquitoes by doTerra. It's OK.....nothing great.

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