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Hi! It's 5 20 am, I have been up for about an hour. I woke up when Chhaya snuggled up body to body with me in bed. Now she is sleeping, letting out the occasional quiet snore. My baby! ❤
I am jetlagged and my bedroom is a mess full of suitcases that need to be emptied with the contents hung up and put away, dirty laundry in piles that need to be washed, the insides from Chhaya's toys that she played with earlier all over the place, empty shopping bags and plastic bags (I put anything liquid and lotion inside a plastic bag when I travel, I have learned from previous spillages and I put all my shoes in plastic bags before I put them inside the suitcase also). This mess will all be taken care of today, the suitcases will be put away, my clothes hung in my closet and I can slowly resume my life here in Kenai. I am kind of hungry, Coffee Roasters opens at 6 am, I don't know if maybe I should get there early today or try to go back to sleep. Work might be on the schedule tonight. I have not worn fake lashes in about three weeks, my real lashes got a break too.
Or maybe I should go downstairs into the kitchen and chop up some veggies and make myself a nice Greek salad for breakfast? I'll talk to ya'll later, until then.....have a nice Friday!


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