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Dalarö & Vurma

Today I got up at 10, showered and washed my hair....stepped out of the house, got picked up by Carmen. We drove to Dalarö where we met up with Marie and her son Timmy.
Walked around a bit. Dalarö is a gorgeous place, of course. Right on the ocean. Next time I'm in Stockholm I want to spend some time traveling around in skärgarden (archipelago), there are so many beautiful places to explore. We had fika and talked. The weather was a mix between sunny and then gray, windy and rainy. Good I brought a jacket and an umbrella.
You can hop on a boat in Dalarö that will take you to one of the many close by islands.

Me and Carmen.....friends since second grade!

Then I got home....dropped off some stuff and ran to pendeltåget. Into City to meet up with Monika. She took me to Vurma, delicious food and we befriended two nice Japanese girls,
I might have a new friend in Tokyo now, in Shibuya of all places! Pannkakor med hallon och grädde - GOTT!


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Annette on :

It makes me smile to see all the fun you are having :-)

Mandy on :

I envy you so much. It must be so nice to be able to sit and just talk to people, and be with people that like to actually do things.
OOOH....huge earthquake, tsunami warning in Alaska! Im sure you already know, but in case you do not!

Tatiana on :

The social bit....the talking and doing things....I have missed that so much. I don't do enough of that back in Kenai.
No, I didn't know about the earthquake/tsunami....I looked it up, I got scared....looks like things are OK, this time.

Mumintrollet on :

I was just thinking if you were going to blog something from skärgården, they dont have that in US and they cant build a copy of it in Las Vegas.

Moar skärgården next time?

Tatiana on : time I want to spend some time in skärgå spend the night at one of the islands, take a dip in the ocean etc.

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