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Busy Here

I have been very busy here in Sweden.....there has been a few late night movie nights with my brother. He has a projector and surround sound, so watching a movie on the couch is like being in a movie theater. Last night we watched two Swedish movies and tonight two scary movies. I hope I will be able to sleep after that, I got scared a few times. Earlier today I took care of some shopping and then I met up with my friend Taleb. Three hours of catching up and fika of course and then I came home. Now I am going to get some sleep......busy day tomorrow as well.


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Mumintrollet on :

Ok , so I've managed to read all posts and all comments on your blog ( almost ), finished Sunday morning.

Will be back with questions and opionions.

Tatiana on :

Hej Mumintrollet!
I was wondering if you were going to just read my whole blog without leaving a single comment or a question.....and here you are! I can see in my statistic that somebody read basically the whole blog.....
I like Mumintrollen as well....bringing some back to the US with me.
Talk to you soon......!

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