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There is like a storm here. I have never experienced strong winds like this here in Alaska before. Once when I was in South Dakota it was blowing so hard that it was difficult to walk outside. It's actually a little scary. A large tree fell down in my yard at some point while I was sleeping this morning. Luckily it fell parallel to the house or I would have had a rude awakening of a tree crashing into the house. Poor tree! I feel bad for it. Do you even talk to or hug trees? I do. The trees that are surrounding my house are my friends. I have some really good and juicy information and gossip about a certain person/situation at work......oh yes I do. But I am going to stay mum, for now. I do not make stuff up about people, that is mean and wrong. I have worked with some girls that just make up the most outlandish stuff about other girls. Not OK. And if somebody tells me some shit like that I usually question them. Like, have you seen this? How do you know for sure? What I have, I have either seen with my own (sober) eyes, heard from enough people over and over again (the same type of info) so you can fairly safely say that it is most likely true. Plus in this case, all the stuff just keeps piling up.....the same details, over and over. There is probably way more to the story than I will ever know. My advice to all dumb guys out there is.....think with the head on top of your shoulders. Look for somebody that shows some kindness.
There is more to a girl than a vagina. And if everybody (more like many and counting) in town can buy it and probably has, then please use protection. And guess what, that is not your girlfriend.....unless you have an open relationship, wide open. Or if you want to get completely taken advantage of....then hey, that is your choice and right but don't complain if you get taken for an expensive ride in the end. Some guys are OK with this kind of treatment, is what it is. BUT if you happen to be married or committed to somebody else while getting yourself involved with another person (especially like this person I am referring to) while your wife or girlfriend has no clue, then you deserve what's coming your way. Gross!


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Mandy on :

Dang, it came up by the roots! I figured it might have broken or something. Poor tree :-(
Hey...if anyone of these poor fellows wants a long distance relationship, I'll be their girl. And they can totally send me money, or paypal...whatever.

Tatiana on :

Totally....I should find one for you, there are plenty of those poor and confused boyfriends here....and PayPal seems like the thing to do....go figure!

Jeff on :

That is scary! I'm glad you and Chhaya are okay!

Tatiana on :

I was a bit scared.....

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