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Do we have any takers for two pairs of....thongs and a pair of shoes? Only high bidders please! And no, these are not Tatiana's thongs and heels, I am sorry to disappoint you. When I got to work this evening I saw this stuff neatly laying on the floor and I just had to take a pic. The shoes are a size 10 and the thongs are in questionable state of clean. My heels are a size 8 and my underwear are neatly put away and safely locked up, otherwise I wouldn't have any left. When I decide to sell either used shoes or underwear I will have an auction.

I came up with a fun idea Friday night. I made a merkin for myself. Somebody left some dark and fuzzy fabric in a locker, perfect for merkin making I thought! I cut a large triangular shape out and stuffed it inside my smallest g-string, then I pulled a pair of my Honey Dew boy shorts over this. Went on stage and flashed the merkin which I had arranged so it looked like I was nice and hairy from the front to the back. Success? You can say so, $63 on stage and somebody got some lap dances right after I got off stage, clad in the merkin. I got $105 for that. So $168 in about 25 minutes and lots of laughs. I make myself laugh all the time at work. Boss Lady thinks I am very amusing......NOT. :-D
I am definitely going to have fun with the merkin again. I will auction that one off too.....eventually.


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Mandy on :

THE MERKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tatiana on :

I should make different merkins.....and switch them up, to match my mood and outfit. Blonde, some with pink in them, some really bushy and all over the place, others with long and stringy hair. Would you like one? If so, let me know the color and shape/size.

Mandy on :

I would like the dark and curly 70's Merkin, and possibly a pink glittery one shaped into a thunderbolt.

Tatiana on :

The merkin shop is now up and running....I just need to come up with a good name for it, Merkins by Tatiana or SuperNova Merkins....?

Hoda (stage name) on :

If nobody claims those thongs and the heels, do you think you can donate them to me ? I live in Vegas and have an audition at Chicas Gorditas next week and those heels look like they are just my size ! TH@NK U

Tatiana on :

Absolutely, you pay the postage and I can send you the heels and both thongs. Good luck at the audition!

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