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New Stuff And Mozzarella

I did some shopping in Anchorage too. I found a pair of jogging shoes, love the colors.
I wanted two new pairs and I did find another nice pair at REI but I was not 100% convinced that I needed them, those were Brooks. These new ones are Under Armour and I found them at Sports Authority, never tried that brand before. Then I just had to get this cute wind breaker jacket, the colors are so me and it will be perfect for Burning Man at night, if it's windy. I also wanted a pair of simple jean shorts for Burning Man and found what I wanted at Forever 21 for only $ 17.80. Cheap. And then a pink tie dye looking sports bra that looks super cute on, perfect for Burning Man too. I am very happy with the shopping. Oh.....and a tin box that says "Art Supplies" on it and has a picture of a girl holding a bow. I love it and gave one away for Christmas and have been wanting one for myself since then and now I finally do.

I was texting with Mandy last night. Sometimes we text about work and money (scandalous stripper talk) and other times we text about food (proper house wife talk). She told me that one of her fave things to eat is tomato, mozzarella, cucumber, some fresh ground pepper and balsamic vinegar. That sounded so delicious so that is exactly what I got when I went to the store today (already had the pepper and balsamic vinegar at home) and I enjoyed that meal to the fullest today. Thank You Mandy!


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Josh G. on :

Trying to find a polite way of saying it,...but I can't wait to see pics if you in those jean shorts as sure you will be stunning.

Tatiana on :

Pics of me weraing those shorts will most likely be up at some point. They are not tight.....rather loose, I want comfort at Burning Man.

Josh G on :

Oh I just meant you have great legs. The shorts don't have to be snug for you to make em look great.

And most defiantly I can understand wanting comfort out there at Burning man.

Mandy on :

Mmmmm mmmm!!!! Cheese!
Let me guess....your favorite color is pink.

Tatiana on :

Yes! How can you possible guess this?
But I also like purple, white and blue.....

Julia on :

That is so weird, i got a pair of jean shorts that look almost exactly like those on Saturday. And when i was wearing them yesterday i thought about you and was thinking you would probably like them........

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