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The fire is still raging on and spreading here in Kenai. Last night ashes were falling from the sky and when I drove home from work, the air was hazy and smelled like smoke. My friend Sharon had to evacuate her house last night, she has horses and dogs. Her house probably burned down, I don't know yet, I haven't been able to get a hold of her today. Some houses already burned. It's crazy. And they think this fire.....which is huge, was caused by a campfire that wasn't put out properly, at least that is what I heard a few days ago. And I heard on the news yesterday that about half of the forest fires in Alaska are caused by cigarettes that people just throw outside. Whether that is true or not, you don't throw your cigarettes outside....I can't stand it when people throw their nasty cigarettes outside, or any trash for that matter. Disrespectful and nasty. And there you go, that kind of lazy behavior causes fires that destroy people's homes, burn up trees and vegetation and probably kill a bunch of animals. Think about that next time you roll down your window to throw out that cigarette you dumb fuck. The fine for that should be $ 1000. Ashes on my car this morning.

To a different subject, the flowers are starting to appear along the roads by my house.
Very pretty.


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Mandy on :

When I drive behind people that throw their nasty CANCER STICK out their window, I mentally ram them with my car over and over. I really hope she didn't lose her home :-(

Tatiana on :

I'm glad we feel the same way about the nasty cancer sticks!

Julia on :

I have been calling CANCER STICKS cancer sticks for YEARS even when i smoked them......Tatiana remembers.....right ? Tak, tak. :-)

Tatiana on :

I'm glad to you realized that cancer sticks are bad for you and quit sucking them down.....tak tak.

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