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Being a dancer and the "opinions" of us........

Being a dancer aka stripper comes with many stigmas. We are all crazy, drug addicted, alcoholics, dumb, flaky, egoistic, users, sexually dysfunctional, money hungry........did I forget something here?
I mean, yes, I try to do as many dances as I can when I am at work. HELLO, I have to PAY TO WORK THERE! Do you know anyone else that has to pay to work? We pay quite a hefty amount actually! Do you go into your job and pay out of your own pocket to be there? No, I didn't think so! So before I make anything for myself, I am paying the club.
But I make my money in an honest way, not by ripping people off, I ask nicely after every dance if you need another. I don't force myself on people. Honey, I am way too pretty and proud for that.......
Should I not make lots of money if I can? Would you decline to a raise in YOUR salary if offered? I have good nights and bad nights, whatever.
I will at times sit and talk because I find you interesting, funny and there's no exchange of money.
And no, I don't drink at work, not my thing. Yes, there are girls in the club that are drunk, embarrassing and annoying, sorry if you encountered them, but not all of us are like that. I am sure there are plenty of women that drink too much that work in other professions to. And men.
I don't sit and talk to guys in exchange for tequila shots. I'd rather sit by myself. Or read in the dressing room.
I don't do dirty dances, I don't need money that bad. If you don't want a dance I won't get angry or beg you. I am not desperate, if you don't want a dance somebody else will. But my dances are great.
I will not dumb myself down in order to be more appealing, it is not my problem if you are dumb, I am not.
But remember, you are in a strip club, we will ask you for dances so don't get annoyed. It's not a bar, it is a strip club. You are in there. Duh!
Drugs? No, I would never do drugs in the club. I don't have a drugproblem with either "illegal" or doctor prescribed drugs. But I think that some drugs, if taken under certain circumstances are great. You do not have to share that opinion.
Am I only thinking about myself? Judge for yourself. This is a description of some things I did today, on my day off.
I saw a man begging for money by the side of the road, he had a cardboard sign. It said he was a vet and needed money and warm gloves. He was elderly.
I went and got him a nice pair of leather gloves with furry lining and a pair of wool socks and a big bottle of youghurt. Unfortunately he wasn't there when I went back to give this to him so I will try again tomorrow, I am positive I will find him again.
I also went and got food for the birds, it's winter and they need it.
Then I picked up garbage that people were too lazy to put in the trash, I filled up a whole grocery bag. I dislike people that litter, lazy and nasty.
I am not fishing for your "oooohs" and "aaaaahs" here. I am just making a point. This is the kind of a person I am, I love helping whoever, whatever is in need, people, animals, nature. I have always been like this and being a dancer has nothing to do with it, the dancing did not turn me into a cold hearted, calculating, self centered individual. I am who I am with or without the dancing. The dancing has opened up my eyes to some human behaviors though.
I am not saying that I go on rescue missions every day, but I do think of other things than myself.
If I had more money than I knew what to do with, I would make sure that my family and my friends didn't have to worry about stuff. And I would help others and animals. That would make me happy. I wouldn't be happy if I had a fat bank account while a good friend is struggling to pay a bill.
Gold digger? Puhleese, there are plenty of women out there that have regular jobs and they are total gold diggers.
I have a male friend in Southern CA, he complains to me that he can't find a normal woman to date because they just want him to spend money on them, right off the back. And he is not dating dancers. "Regular" women. That probably look down on dancers. LOL.
Why am I dancing? Because I can. It allows me to travel. Right now I kind of have to due to the housing market. It is a mixture of things. Sometimes I like it and have a great time, sometimes I don't.
So shut up before you judge and think you know that dancers are this or that. Yes, there are some crazy ones but I am sure you know some crazy, nasty, dishonest, awful, substance abusing etc etc people in the circles you hobnob in.
That's all of Tatianas wisdom for now. Thanks for reading. Tune in for more, because YOU NEED TATIANA!!!


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RM on :

Hej. I think you schould send this to a newspaper around you. Great reading and so true.
Love RM
Miss you...

Tatiana on :

Thanks RM for the comment and for reading!
Miss you too! : )

mr.B on :

you go girl.
Great pics, great smiles.
The commentary is refreshing, thought provoking, and spot on.
But i find myself wishing I were whipped cream or silk panties.
I will cancel my subscription to the New York Times --

Mike on :

Tatiana you are not like most girls in the club i think. You are not only very beautiful and totally unfazed by your beauty, you are also very witty and smart, this is unusual and refreshing.
I think you can reach all your goals and you will go far.
Always a pleasure reading your thoughts.

K on :

Tatiana is Tatiana. Just keep being Tatiana and the world will be a better place

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