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I do not watch football.....I don't know anything about football. I'm referring to American football now, not what we call football in Sweden (fotboll). I always thought that American football was confusing, not much happening besides large men laying on top of each other or running short distances (I think). But I guess football is the national sport (I checked recent statistics). So I caught some footage of the first openly gay guy in football, Michael Sam and I thought it was very touching. He got the news that he was drafted, with his boyfriend by his side. I almost cried. And they shared a little kiss, CUUUUTE! But OH MY GAAAAAAWD what reactions it evoked! So, showing violence and murder on TV is OK but not a quick kiss, out of love? What will the poor children think? Let them watch a violent show instead where some dude is chopping up people, much better!
I guess football is a very macho sport and being gay is still looked at as something disgusting and wrong by many guys. Those are the same guys that would love to have sex with two hot lesbians and think that hot lesbian porn is great. Lesbians, only if hot on a male hetero scale = great but men that are gay, oh no that is not OK. Double standards much?
I am, if you maybe missed out on this bit of information so far......very open minded. I don't care whether you are gay, straight, twisted long as you are a good person in general. I can tell you this much.....I'd much rather be around a bunch of gay guys than some straight guys that might think it's OK to rape me, just because they can. How often do you hear of a female rapist out there lurking in the bushes so she can knock some innocent man unconscious and rape him? Or do you ever hear of random gay guys that pray on straight guys? Not that I can think of. Sure there might be a few cases, if you dig around for them.
On the other hand, I hear of rape and sexual assault hetero man on woman all the time.
Guys rape each other in prison too, straight, gay - it doesn't matter when you are locked up and horny, right? I guess it's OK to be gay in prison, some guys seem to think so. Different rules in prison.
I am SO grateful for gay guys and how some of them have brightened my life with their presence, they glitterfy and beautify the world. One such time that stands out in my head was when Carson Kressley was on Dancing With The Stars and danced to Moves Like Jagger.
Best ever! I just wanted to crawl into the TV, hug him and ask him to be my best friend.
I absolutely love Carson. I love RuPaul. Keoki (always). And the list goes on......Carson if you read this.....let's have afternoon tea at the Four Season and chat!
You might think gay sex is gross or sinful. Well, I think that two people can do whatever they want with each other, if it's consensual of course. People like to bring up religion when they pontificate their opinions about gays. Well, if God was so against gays, he would had never made them. I think that you are born gay. Nobody wants the problems that come with being gay. It's much easier to be straight in society. Gays get harassed and even killed on an everyday basis, who wants that? So if God was so much against gays, everybody would had been born straight. Less problems.
There are so many worse things I can think of than being gay. How about being a child molester? Or a rapist? Or an animal abuser?
I heard that some dumb ass came into the club I work at a few weeks ago and loudly called a guy he doesn't even know, sitting at the bar minding his own business, "fag". I happen to know who both are. The dumb ass is a large bully that needs to work on his education, worry about himself and shut the fuck up. The other guy seems to be a nice person and doesn't appear gay to me but even if he is.....SO FUCKING WHAT?! It's good that I was not around to hear that because I would had loudly intervened. I am very sensitive to stuff like that. If you try to, in any shape or form, harass or hurt somebody (uncalled for) when I am around I will step in. I don't care if you are bigger than me, bring it!
You know what, you can be against gays or whatever.....that is your prerogative. We all have opinions......I know this, I have PLENTY about almost everything. Let your opinions flow when you vent with your buddies while doing something macho such as having some brewskis and talking about women and our body parts. Or write a blog! But to bully, harass or use violence to get your (in my opinion narrow minded and backwards) views across.....that is NOT OK.
I remember when I was 16 and went to my first gay club. I was in heaven! Great music, cute boys everywhere and no annoying motherfuckers sneaking up from behind thrusting their half hard penises against my ass (I call them dickthrusters), thinking that is how they will get my attention. That is how you will get my foot in your crotch if anything.
I'm not saying that all straight guys are horrible rapists and bad guys in general and that all gay guys are some innocent lambs with this entry. Of course not, I know better than that. Being a good person has nothing to do with your sexual preferences.


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Mandy on :

Many openly gay players in the NFL, and it's a far better and more exciting sport.
It's 2014 for Christ's sake, people need to focus on stuff that matters.

Tatiana on :

Yes....people need to focus on stuff that matters. Like....are the strippers across the country making enough money or should you pay them a visit and spoil them a bit? We have bills and need our weekly needs met, such as pedicures and shopping sprees, HELLOOOO!
Or....what about other issues, like the environment, over population and the need for food and water for everybody, the government infringing on your I have to say more?
Yes, some people like others from the same sex.....yes put that through your thick skull and worry about (like Mandy says) stuff that matters!

Mandy on :

Haha, I just realized, I meant to write NHL as in hockey. But yeah, as you know I'm recently unemployed so I need some caring and charity. It's all tax deductible though. I hear Donald Sterling is in the market for a new lady to spoil.

Jeff on :

I was surprised to read you talking about Michael Sam in your blog. I did not realize it was that big of a story to reach all the way to Alaska! I am from St. Louis, and that is where Michael Sam will be playing! (For the St. Louis Rams.) I am not a football fan either, (my sport of choice is Formula 1 motor racing) I only knew about his story from the local news. I completely agree with your viewpoints by the way...

Tatiana on :

Oh yes.....we get all kinds of news here in my remote corner of the world, which is a good thing cause the local news are rather sparse.

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