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Win a home for Tatiana......or yourself!

For an entry fee of $ 150 you can win a beautiful, huge house in California for Tatiana, she NEEDS, or yourself!
Just go to to see how you can put Tatiana in the house she should be in. : )
Of course, if you win this house for Tatiana she can probably have you stay in one of the rooms, if you don't smoke any cigarettes in the house that is.
Tatiana would enjoy life, rescue animals and travel. You could do the same!

This could all be reality. It actually happened to some people already!
DANVILLE, Calif. - Susan Wells was thrilled to learn she'd won a $2 million house in a raffle days after her husband had been laid off from his job.
"I'm floored," said Wells, who bought the ticket as a surprise to celebrate the couple's 16th anniversary. "I can't believe this has happened. Needless to say, my husband is very surprised."

If you want to read the full story go to the link Tatiana provided.
Yes, Tatiana needs house in California. You win!


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