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It's May 1! It does feel like spring here, I might even lay out for a bit today if the sun sticks around. I am at Kaladi "celebrating" May 1 with a BRATTE, that is basically half milk and half half and half. My friend Traci that works as a barista at one of the Kaladi locations here in town talked me into trying it, yummy but I think I will stick to my regular lattes because if I go with bratte next, then soon I will switch to breve and then I will rapidly gain 20 lbs. I should probably stop drinking milk all together and go with almond milk or something instead. Kaladi does not use organic milk like they do at Whole Foods. I much much rather prefer organic milk, obviously.

Chhaya got a bath yesterday. I gave her a green tea rinse too, not sure was just an idea. But she does have dandruff (since I got back from Vegas) so I am going to find her a good fish oil supplement and maybe a dandruff shampoo too.


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