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Dishes and Gigolos

Yesterday afternoon I occupied myself with this mountain of dishes and several loads of laundry. I have a dishwasher, brand new but it's not hooked up. Why I am not getting serious about hooking it up is one of those personal mysteries and constant procrastinations. I have noticed the rapid demise of my hands, I am constantly doing dishes and cleaning (it seems)....immersing my poor delicate hands in hot and soapy water. Now I have dry skin, although I use hand creams on a regular basis, AND some faint brown spots on my hands, probably from my skin being dry and therefore more prone to sun damage. I am mildly freaked out by this and wish that I would had hooked up my dishwasher years ago AND been diligent about protecting my hands with rubber gloves when doing dishes or washing floors etc. So if you are doing dishes by hand and keeping your house clean, I advice you to use rubber gloves to protect your hands or hire a maid! Listen to that advice, seriously!

So I don't have cable or satellite TV here in Alaska and my Netflix is very spotty at the moment.....this might happen if you basically live in the forest, like I do. But when I'm in
Vegas I like to indulge in such fabulous shows as RuPaul's Drag Race and Gigolos. I love me some RuPaul!
I was thinking about Gigolos. Now how is this possible? The guys on the show are escorts and they get paid for sex, on camera, in Vegas and that (prostitution) is illegal in Clark County.
Las Vegas is in Clark County. I was doing some research about this today.....and no, NOT some in depth research like I am planning to write a thesis on the Showtime reality TV series please if you read this and want to hold me accountable for any laws regarding escorting/soliciting/prostitution in Las Vegas, NV. Don't. Do your OWN research if you are curious......
The show is rather hilarious and I have seen a couple of the guys (gigolos) out and about in Vegas. So I guess there is a disclaimer in small print at the end of each episode that states that there were no money exchanged for the services provided by the gigolos or escorts or whatever they call themselves, so since they didn't receive any money for the sex they didn't break the law.....? ("No one depicted in this program was remunerated in exchange for engaging in sexual activity.") Although in the show they come off as men that you can hire for sex. They do meet up with women and the sex looks somewhat real, although you don't see any upclose penetration. I did read some articles and interviews that said this is ALL show and fake and that the women appearing in the show as the clients are all hired actresses basically. But then I have read other reports that say it is in fact all real.
Whatever, I don't know. I think some of it is HILARIOUS though. Listen (read) of the guys is described as a raven haired hunk. Another is a cougar magnet. Then we have the single father who escorts to support his son.
And how about some of the makes ME laugh at least.

"Jimmy services a married woman for her birthday as her husband watches and offers encouragement."

"Steven, needing money to send his son to summer camp, books two new clients, including a very large woman he connects with through Jimmy. The rest of the guys visit a psychic and Brace is particularly affected by her reading."

"Nick meets with a new client who tries to push him past his limits. Jimmy's new client is a budding dominatrix who outfits him with a "cock cage" that he wears for several days."

"Brace teaches a shy housewife how to be more aggressive for her husband. Steven meets a new client whose fetish is simulating being dead during sex. Vin's client wants the "boyfriend experience"."

"Steven is reunited with his first girlfriend; the other guys explore a new "manscaping" technique; Brace grants a bucket list wish for a woman diagnosed with cancer."

"Brace's appointment takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that his client is transgender."

"Brace meets a spray tanning technician who exchanges spray tanning for sexual favors."

I really like the woman client with a fetish for simulating being dead during sex. WHAT A GENIUS! I did not know this is a fetish and I am going to adopt this as my own fetish.
A playing dead during sex fetish is perfect for me since I am a very lazy vanilla pillow queen.
I just want to lay there and do AS LITTLE as possible. Ugh, GET OFF my hair and DON'T breathe on me!!!!
In reality I'm thinking that men for hire for sex is a way more lucrative market from a male client. I personally would never even consider paying a man to have sex with me (ask me in 50 years, maybe I will have a different opinion on the matter) and I don't think that women in general would pay a guy to have sex with them. Although sure, there is probably a small market out there for that. Men willing to pay for sex on the other hand, there are plenty of those out there. So a man paying a tanned, muscular, oiled up, spiky hair or longed hair, wild eyed man that goes by the name of Ash, Vin or Adon - I can absolutely see that. I am sure there is a huge market for that.
I recall reading some articles years ago that Heidi Fleiss was planning on opening up a stud ranch in Pahrump. A legal brothel where women could go and pick out a hunky man to have sex with. I don't know if Heidi opened the stud ranch or not, I think she ran her laundromat there for a while called Dirty Laundry (great name) and lived alone with her collection of parrots. Since Pahrump is located in one of the counties in Nevada where prostitution is legal, you can safely visit a brothel there. I think there are two brothels (geared towards male clients) currently in Pahrump (but don't quote me on that).....just a stone's throw away from Vegas, about 60 miles! Or like us Vegas locals say....."over the hump to Pahrump."
One thing though....Gigolos is a successful show. The guys have sex with women that pay them, supposedly. I wonder if you gathered a group of women escorts (in reality prostitutes) in Las Vegas and followed them around with a camera, showing them performing various sex acts with paying men, how long until that show would be shut down and the women prosecuted for breaking the law? There seems to be some serious double standards regarding men and women that sell sex. Gigolos are glorified in many ways I feel. And women prostitutes, well certainly not glorified. Slut shaming geared towards women in all forms is a fact, whether you are a prostitute or not. I know that male strippers are considered kind of cool and women that take their clothes off for money, well they are basically skanks and should be ashamed of themselves and their practices. Well, well.....I guess us women should be happy that we are allowed to vote, drive and make our own decisions....we can't have it all can we now? BARF and LOL.
And before I sign off, YOU too can be a gigolo - if you have what it takes that click on "employment" and you might be on your way to a new and exciting career!


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Mandy on :

Get off my hair and don't breath on me hahahahaa!!!!
I have never heard of this show called Gigolos!!!! The cock does he pee?

Tatiana on :

I'm guessing he just lets it flow trough the bars....that's what I would do.

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