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Explanation and Soggy Hike

I'm glad I went to work last night, I had a good night and spent it in enjoyable company. I had two devoted blog readers in last night and I had to explain some stuff. If you don't read the blog every day you might miss out on some stuff and then what I write might seem confusing. Like no, I am not really an assistant manager at the club here.....I am the self appointed assistant manager. And it's a joke of course. I would clean house if I was the manager and Boss Lady knows this therefore she would never let me take her position. And there is definitely some cleaning needed. And I don't refer to vacuuming now.
Also, I do not think that all guys that come in are pervs.....obviously (like I wrote in the entry prior to this). Think of it more as a term of endearment. I joke around a lot in the blog and at work. Sometimes at work I blurt out that I am a trafficked sex slave held hostage, that I have a pinworm infestation, a very itchy and chronic yeast infection and bla bla bla......whatever that I might think of in that moment. Obviously I am not held hostage in any kind of way and I am 100% healthy with no scary infections or exotic diseases. My humor ranges from Fawlty Towers style to Borat. (I am not amused by Yo Mama and Knock Knock jokes whatsoever).
I can't keep everybody in mind when I write stuff, so of course some people will not get what I write all the time, misunderstand, get offended or even grossed out and actually believe that I do have pinworms. Oh LOL - the thought of that is highly amusing to me! :-D I did find out that I have gained some readers in a certain medical practice clinic in Anchorage.....that is always nice to find out. Keep on reading doctors! that we got that cleared up.....this Sunday is coming to an end and I went on a soggy hike today, through the swampy wet muskeg and forest around where I live. I got swarmed by mosquitoes and sweaty while working myself through the swamp.
Great workout. Now I'm in bed resting my tired legs and thinking about what else I can eat, I am having acute food cravings.
Here I am scanning my grounds for another bear to wrestle. I like to show the bears around here that I'm the one and only boss.

Of course Chhaya was right there with me. She is such a good sport, fearless and willing to explore everything with me. She is the best friend ever.

This is her friend Mousie. She bites on Mousie but gentle enough not to rip Mousie apart......sooooo cute. Then she brings Mousie outside but carries Mousie back inside when I tell her the command "Bring".


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Annette on :

I love my daily dose of cause me to search my inner self, inspire me to take care of my planet, and some day's laugh out loud :-)

Tatiana on :

That makes me HAPPY! And proud. I am glad I'm an inspiration to such wonderful things!
I think I need to change the blog's name to "The Daily Dose" or Your Daily Dose".....or something like that.....
Thank You Annette!

Mandy on :

Sooo...acute food cravings
Maybe you're


Tatiana on :

LOL! I have acute food ravings on a regular basis when I sit at home doing nothing. BUT....if I am pregnant....I will be dancing until I'm about 8 months along, then I am going to panhandle on The Strip in a skimpy outfit the last month or so, when my feet are too swollen to be squeezed into my platforms. Then I will deliver the baby, take a ton of pics of the whole ordeal and selfies.....and then I will give the baby to you! Since you want a baby anyways and me not so much. Sounds like a plan, yes?

Mandy on :

But then how am I going to sell belly rubs for a $1.00? Maybe i can pimp you out instead :-D

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