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Earth Day

It's Earth Day today people! What does that mean? Kind of like Valentine's's a good day to think a little extra about something and put in that little extra effort. I'm a real tree hugger so for me it's Earth Day year round. I do actually talk to the trees sometimes and give them hugs and kisses. Although I do contribute to pollution by driving a car and flying around the country and I am a consumer. If I lived in NYC it would be subway and walking all the time. I can proudly announce that the last two times I went to NYC I didn't set my foot in a motorized vehicle, I shlepped my two suitcases and my carry on around on the subway back and forth to the airport.
I went to the beach again today with the purpose to gather up some trash. Not only am I a scandalous, no shame dancer, I am also a self appointed trash picker. Probably my true calling in life, I should see if the local dump is hiring. As always there was plenty to be collected. Human beings are so filthy, it never ceases to amaze me. I am especially bothered by the church going folks.....preaching about God and bla bla bla and then they turn around and do no good. What does it say in the Bible again, that God created Earth? That's right, if God created Earth then take care of it, cherish it and get off your lazy ass and take your trash out with you!

My plans for the rest of the day.....I might go for another run if it's not too windy. Then I think I am going to burn some incense and talk to the trees.


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