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There has been some firsts for the year since yesterday. It was nice and warm out yesterday, so much so that I tanned outside for the first time this year, I did it again today. I am pale and burn easy, so only about ten minutes on each side. I have so many moles, probably 100 plus. Hello melanoma!

Laying outside is very peaceful. I hear only the wind rustling through the trees, the occasional airplane and the chime making sounds.

Chhaya is spending most of her time outside now, she loves laying in the sun, soaking it up like a lizard.

Another first for yesterday.....I got attacked by the first mosquito of the year. Last year the mosquitoes were harassing this area in thick swarms, it was really bad, there were even lengthy articles in the local papers about the unusually large amount of mosquitoes here. It looks like it might be another year thick with those fuckers. Yeay......not.
Today I walked barefoot for the first time this year and brought out the flip flops. Havaianas.

Then I went on my first run of the year. It was great and I am so happy I can start running outside again. Today I did a 25 minute run, to keep the Kenai chunk away. I get chunky
(I think) here in Kenai and usually the chunk comes off when I go somewhere else for a while. There is no Whole Foods here. I enjoy running, it makes me feel alive and I inhale the fresh air deep into my lungs, they need it, the club here is so smokey. It should be illegal to subject non smokers to unhealthy poison like that.

I was jumping around like a newborn calf.

After the run I took Chhaya to the beach for a walk. It takes me about five minutes to drive there.

Chhaya is sleeping now.....I'm listening to Coast To Coast, texting, drinking tea and eating garlic naan and hummus. Soon I am going to brush my teeth, take out my contacts, turn off the light and go to sleep.


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Annette on :

That is an incredible story....and scary that poor dog but it had a happy ending. I love birds from a distance I have had more than my share of bad bird experiences :-). I did rescue a one legged duck. When I was little I thought I was Dr. Doolittle and all animals were my friend haha.....Jax and I enjoyed the sun today also!

Tatiana on :

A one legged duck? Awwwww! HUGS to you Annette!

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