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He is just......SOOOOOO into me!

Went and saw "He is just not that into you". It was entertaining. What I did think about in the days following the movie was the scene in the beginning, where a little girl is playing in a sandbox. A boy around her age, walks up, kicks her sand castle that she built, pushes her and says she smells like dog poop. She gets very upset and cries. Her Mom consoles her and explains that the boy was mean because he actually really likes her. And so the life long confusion and the games begin. The Mom, imo should had said that this was NOT ok and made the boy apologize and also explained to him that behavior like that is not acceptable and why. People might think it is harmless but it is not. It can develop into something bad for both of the kids when they get older. He might think it is ok to push, shove, name call, beat women. And she might think that getting treated like that is somehow ok because he is just showing her love in his own peculiar way.
I hate games. Don't know how to participate in them. Actually I don't think I am game player at all. Saves everybody lots of time, right?
I actually came across a very good thing that came out of Paris Hiltons mouth, of all people. A reporter asked a few celebs if the ever had a "he is just not that into you" moment. And all the girls said that yes, they had moments like that. Except Paris, she said that she is the one that makes them (the guys) feel like that. And that she wants to see a sequel to the movie called "She is just not that into you". Brilliant!
I think that was great, so great that I cut it out and plastered it onto my locker at work. Women are way too often portrayed like victims. We are (supposedly) needy, whiny, clingy, we just want a commitment (from any gross zero as long as we have someone, right?) and blaaa blaaa blaaa.
I think we should focus on the strong, independent women out there and encourage girls to be like that. Girls should grow up knowing that there is more to life than getting married, squeezing out kids and taking care of them and a husband. Nothing wrong with that, if that is what you really want. I love healthy, happy, great relationships! But life has many avenues to choose from.
Have I ever "wasted" time on a guy? Yes, of course, but more than that happening....... they are just SO into me. I can't help it, they just NEED Tatiana!
I wish you all love, remember........ love comes in many shapes and forms.
Tatiana is into Chhaya and she think that Chhaya feels the same way about Tatiana.


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Ulliss on :

So right you are. I hate games too. I just dont understand them. I am also afraid that I have been the girl that need to here he is just not that into you. But what I think we often forget is that many times we are like Paris Hilton. The guys need to hear she is just not that into you. But we just dont think about those guys that much because they dont hurt us and then we dont analyse it. We have to stop look at our self as victims because in reality we are not! We have probably hurt just as many that has hurt us!

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