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Animal Rights

Tatiana loves animals! They are not here to be mistreated by us. Tatiana doesn't eat much meat or fish. She doesn't really care if other people do but if we would eat less meat the world would be a better place she believes.
Right now Tatiana is sad that Travis, a chimpanzee that was living as a domesticated pet together with a woman, is dead. Travis was 15. Poor baby! And now he is dead, shot to death by the police. They really didn't have much choice, supposedly Travis went after the police after he had attacked another woman, brutally hurting her. Really sad.
This should had never happened. Monkeys, apes should not be kept as pets. They are too strong, unpredictable and usually end up being abandoned by the owner in the end because they can't care for the animal anymore. The cute little monkey will grow up and become too difficult to handle.
It is hard enough to care for a dog or a cat. How are you going to live with a 200 lbs chimp in your house?
Now a lady is left alone and sad, another injured for life and poor Travis, a beautiful animal -shot to death.
Tatiana hopes that this will never happen again!
Animals like that belong in nature. Tatiana is against zoo's too. It is cruel to keep animals locked up.
Tonight Tatiana is thinking about Travis and all animals that are sad. And the two ladies involved in this.
Good night.


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Ulliss on :

I totally agree with you. Big animmals like that should be free. And yes the world would be a better place if we didnt eat meet. I dont think it's wrong eating meet. But the way we treat animals this days to keep the food cheap is just horrible. So it's better to not eat it so that you are sure that you are not a part of that abuse.

(hoppas engelskan var ok, tänkte att det är ju trevligt om dina andra läsare också förstår vad jag skriver:) )

sam on :

I knew a lady who had an alligator. It got too big to swim in the bathtub, but it could still roll. And when it was in the living room it had to wear a huge rubber band on its snout so it wouldn’t eat the iguanas. She, the lady, didn’t think people should have alligators as pets. She also didn’t think people should have iguanas as pets (all of hers were over 3 ft long). The alligator and iguanas were rescue reptiles she had gotten from people who couldn’t take care of them after they got so big.

I suggested taking the rubber band off would take care of at least six of her problems. But she also had two dogs.

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