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Vegas in the place where I have seen the most cases of guys being bamboozled in the strip club. Therefore my advice is, bring cash only and PAY ATTENTION! Don't get so shit faced that you don't know what you are doing and think that all the dancers will be nice like me and not take total advantage of the situation. Why anybody over 21 wants to be totally shit faced out on public is a mystery to me. That just looks BAD and ugly, now you know. I saw a middle aged man vomit all over the carpeted floor and the stage a few weeks ago, DISGUSTING.
Not OK unless you have acute food poisoning. Or you contracted Ebola or something.
Learn the price of a lap dance in the club. Unfortunately some clubs have those thirsty piranhas lurking in them that will swarm you as soon as you enter the club. I'm not thirsty, desperate or bad looking so I don't have to resort to those embarrassing practices. What I did notice in the last club I worked at in Vegas was just that, guys getting attacked as soon as they got their drinks, then forcefully pulled away. Some of them had enough sense in them to say no. The dancers reminded me of hungry piranhas. So that is what I now call desperate strippers - piranhas. Also the scams that go on. You get one lap dance. You would think that the dancer would ask you if you want another one when the next song starts, right? Wrong! Some piranhas just continue and then after some time when the drunk guys wakes up from the boobs and ass is his face trance and realizes that some time has gone by....he owes for five or ten dances. TAAAADAAAA!
Then there is the VIP room scam and that is where the big money gets bamboozled.
I'm talking about $ 1000 and up. It is one thing if the guy knows how much he is about to spend and agrees to it and a whole other thing if he gets taken for a ride. I saw a sad looking kid in the club in Vegas, I knew that he just came out of the VIP with two big time thirsty hustlers. I asked him if everything was OK. He ended up telling me that he was from Nebraska, 23, first time in Vegas, first time in a strip club and that whole adventure had cost him $ 3000 and he had to put it on the company credit card and didn't know how he was going to explain this "fun" to the boss and let alone pay for it. I walked up to the manager and said, "The guys are getting bamboozled in this club." He didn't say anything, he just looked away. I saw this scenario at least once a night, one or two girls at the cashier, pushing/telling a drunk sometimes inebriated guy that he must sign the credit card slip. The guy, looking bewildered/surprised/sometimes angry/resigned. You think you will get repeat and happy customers like this? Let me answer that question for you - HELL NO!
Look, I know that us dancers have to pay high stage fees (in some clubs), that we all want to make good money, preferably every time we step our high heeled foot on that stage to start our shift for that night. BUT COME ON NOW! Regardless of where I am, I TRY to treat people the way I want to be treated. And sometimes I just completely ignore the people I don't want to bother with. Would I want somebody to scam me out of money? Absolutely not. I went through a really bad real estate deal twice.....because I was very naive and trusted that the people I was dealing with only had good intentions. Well, little did I know! LOL! Welcome to capitalism, predatory loans and America! I survived and learned but that whole ordeal left a very bad taste in my mouth. So fuck you predatory lenders and the real estate agents that work with them, your time will come!
You can always refuse to pay if you feel bamboozled, that is my advice. Call the cops right then and there, sure it might be a bit embarrassing but would you rather pay $3000 if you honestly can say that you were being conned? You can maybe call the Better Business Bureau, file a complaint somewhere or tell the credit card company that you refuse to pay. After so many filed complaints, things will get noticed and investigated.
At Crazy Horse Too back in the day they had a few cases of guys refusing to pay, they got taken out back and dealt with Goodfellas style. Not cool. The club had a few high profile lawsuits because of this.
Even if some and other nights many, of the guys I encounter are total BASIC jerks and "gregs", I never rip anyone off. Trust me, sometimes I think that a greg deserves what's coming to his asshole apart piranhas! I have a few times dealt with that guy that thinks he is fucking funny, agrees to a dance and then refuses to pay. Really?! Usually the sight of the bouncer will make him fork over the cash real quick or me threatening to donkey kick his small balls way up into his small intestine. I also once had a guy thinking a dance was $15 when it was $50......he didn't have the money on him or an ATM card. Well, my loss I thought.....oh well. He left and came back a little later with the money.
So, for the guys out there trying to scam dancers and refuse to pay when you really DO owe the money.....DON'T. Just don't. Do you dine at a restaurant and then refuse to pay for the meal you just enjoyed? Do you leave your car for repairs and drive away without settling the bill? Probably not, so the same goes for a strip club. It is a place of business. I am in there working and I actually pay the club for the pleasure of working there. And for the dancers doing it, well I think it is managements job to put an end to it. If I was managing a club I would want happy and repeat customers. The day I have to resort to being a hungry piranha I will know that the time has come for me to stop dancing.

A bit off topic bit still concerning working as a dancer.....especially in Vegas. The threat of Metro coming in undercover and citing you for things that sometimes make no sense and that are completely OK one evening but then not OK when Metro is spying in the club.
You can get charged with prostitution for giving a "bad" lap dance even if there was NO sex whatsoever involved. Kind of crazy. Fun to have prostitution on your record, especially if you didn't engage in it. They should charge the guy too getting that "bad" lap dance with being a John to make it fair. In Sweden it is illegal to buy sex but not illegal to sell sex. They are trying a different approach there to curb the demand for prostitution. Pimping is illegal too in Sweden. Good! I hate pimps, they are such low lives, all of them should rot in jail.

And then....there is this. Some doctor is refusing to pay his rather steep bill after enjoying himself at Scores NYC. Like I said earlier in this entry.....bring cash. Whether the doctor is guilty and should pay or was drugged as he claimed, I don't know.....that is up to a judge and jury to decide I guess.


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Mandy on :

Okay first, what is the "electric slide"? Lol
I hate those piranhas!! That's how they were in Houston. The guys who were there to get an STD knew they found the right girl, but those that didn't dodged them. I made money off customers coming up to me. It might be a strip club but many don't want it so easy.
In Vegas do they ask for a thumb print for credit card transactions? At Ricks they were ridiculous about that because so many guys disputed the charge, don't blame them half the time. Karma's a bitch, taking advantage of someone always comes back to you.

Tatiana on :

Electric slide - when you channel your inner break dancer and bust out some seriously funky moves wearing panties only. Not OK at some clubs, especially when the cops are present.
Yes, at that club in Vegas they did the thumb print thing too....

adrianna on :

Ok...I liked the post but I have to correct you on some information you gave that is not correct. There is a big difference between getting a ticket for an 'inappropriate lap dance' and getting a ticket for prostitution. A ticket for an inappropriate lap dance IS NOT A PROSTITUTION CHARGE. IT DOESNT GO ON YOUR RECORD AS ONE. Sometimes while vice are in the clubs writing the tickets for inappropraiate lap dancing, a dancer will proposition the undercover cop for sex in exchange for money. THIS IS SOLICITING PROSTITUTION AND METRO CAN AND Will WRITE DIFFERENT TICKETS FOR THIS CHARGE - IT does GO ON YOUR RECORD AS A PROSTITUTION (soliciting) CHARGE. Think about it : rubbing your tits in a customers face during a lap dance is NOT prostitution. Not by a long shot. All it is is a violation of 'lap dance' regulations. Embarassing? Yes. Prostitution? No. Big difference between rubbing tits on a customer and OFFFERING HIM SEXUAL ACTS FOR MONEY......just wanted to clear that up.

adrianna on :

As the sign reads that you show a picture of - 'violations of the erotic dance code'. That's what the 9 girls were ticketed for, and yes they will go to court, most likely pay a fine, and be done with it. This was not a prostitution bust - these girls were not ticketed for soliciting prostitution. If they were they would have been fired. If a dancer approaches an undercover cop and starts trying to negotiate a deal for sex in exchange for money - now this is prostitution. NOT a violation of an erotic dance code. All Vegas dancers should be familiar with the erotic dance code (it does exist) and go hide in the dressing room when you hear a fellow dancer announce that vice is in the club.....I danced at the Rhino for 11 years and NEVER got any tickets. But I do know what I am talking about because of fellow dancers who did get tickets and also being around when the erotic dance code was passed.....many light years ago.

Tatiana on :

I danced in Vegas for a log time too and NEVER got a ticket.
And yes when Metro/Vice would be in the club and us dancers heard about it, we would either wait in the dressing room or not engage in a any lap dances. Because Metro were known for sometimes writing tickets to girls sitting on a guys lap - talking. Or handing out tickets for prostitution to girls that were only "joking" around about it.
I did hear about some girls getting prostitution charges for doing inappropriate lap dances, maybe that got thrown out of court in the end. I don't know.

What I do find ironic in this is that there were plenty of girls in the Vegas clubs doing stuff in the club and outside and they never got in trouble for it, management were aware of this (in most cases). What a girl does outside of the club is none of my business, I really don't care. But when they do things in the club that we are not supposed to do, then I do have a problem with it. I have written a lot about that and more is coming shortly. Does a BJ count as prostitution? Or the promise of one if you go in the VIP?

But yes, you are most likely right in the different tickets for prostitution and violating the erotic dance code. Although like I said, I am pretty sure that some girls were charged (initially) with prostitution by doing a "bad" lap dance. The outcome of that in the end? I have no clue. I am not familiar with courts or the law much I have to admit.


adrianna on :

Okay....there is prostitution (accepting money for sex) AND soliciting prostitution. The 'promise' of a BJ in the VIP (if a agreement has been reached as far as the dancer being compensated for the BJ, not just the dances in the VIP area) is a perfect example of 'soliciting prostitution'. Because so far it is just a promise and the BJ has not yet happened, it has not become a case of actual 'accepting money in exchange for the promise of sex ( prostitution)'. But it is illegal to tell ANYONE that you will give them a BJ or let them touch your pussy, suck on nipples, have intercourse, etc in exchange for any amount of money, drugs, jewelry, or anything else of any value. So even in a joking manner, if a girl says to a customer that she will fuck him for a million dollars, that is technically 'soliciting prostitution'. Why ? If the customer doesn't get the joke, he then is under the impression that the girl WILL have sex for money and most likely come down on her price a bit. Pretend that 'soliciting' is a fancy word for 'discussing' or 'negotiating'. Nothing phsyical has happened , only plans are being made and prices agreed upon. These plans and prices can be discussed with intentions to carry them out either inside the club or outside the club. Either way, this is SOLICITING PROSTITUTION. To get a ticket for this, both parties must agree upon an act and a price. If you end up chatting with an undercover cop and obviously are unaware of this, he might ask you if it might be possible to get a "happy ending" in the VIP room. All you have to do to avoid any trouble for yourself is tell him that you don't know what he is talking about, and get up and leave. Or politely tell him you don't offer "happy endings", wish him good luck, and move on. Treat him like any other customer who would ask you that question. Its the girls who DO offer happy endings, etc on a regular basis that get these SOLICITING PROSTITUTION tickets. Vice are out to get THOSE girls. The ones who will pretty quickly and eagerly make a deal to perform sexual acts inside the VIP rooms. In order to write the ticket AND make it hold up in court, and (possibly) add another charge, usually vice will bring cash (more than enough for lap dances) and once they have reached an agreement on a price for a BJ - the cop will go ahead and pay the dancer whatever amount they decided would be paid (let's say $200). The minute the dancer takes that cash from who she thinks is her customer, she has just "accepted money in exchange for sex". This is an example of a more direct "prostitution" charge. So you see its not so easy for a girl to be doing a $20 lap dance and during the 5 minute song be able to negotiate a deal specifically enough to warrant a 'solicitation' charge, or even better, negotiate the deal AND get her greedy little paws on an EXACT amount of cash necessary to land her a REAL 'prostitution' charge. Oh yeah - let's not forget the ticket she's getting for violating the lap dance code - because her leg was in between HIS legs for about ten seconds during the song and her leg pushed up against the area between his legs that dancers aren't supposed to have contact with AT ALL. That's why SOMETIMES tickets can be given for sitting on a customers lap - it depends on HOW the girl is sitting. If she is positioned where one of her legs is resting between the customers legs and her leg might be leaning or resting in his crotch area, then she IS violating the code. Its pretty simple if you read the code a few times. Personally, I think that when you get hired at any club in Vegas (or anywhere that has certain lap dancing codes that are enforced by local law enforcement) the club needs to have someone sit down with you for one to two hours and explain the codes, what are considered violations of the codes, what is the technical definition of prostitution as well as soliciting prostitution (there are more than twice as many tickets on file in Clark County for soliciting than there are for accepting money), give examples of dances that are within the code so the dancers can SEE what vice CANNOT write tickets for, and examples of dances that violate the code (pointing out each violation). Teach the girls to never discuss prices for activities NOT allowed inside the club. Make it clear that if they want to do something on the side, they need to find it, talk about it, and do it OUTSIDE the club. And they will be fired if any aspect of their "side job" gets intertwined with their jobs as dancers inside the club. I took it upon myself to learn the "erotic dance code violations" mostly in part because it went into effect and was all over the local news around the time I was dancing at one of the top clubs and it was a big political issue and it was making local headlines. It was the first of its kind here in town and it was facing opposition from dancers, club owners, cab drivers, activists for freedom of artistic expression, liberals, etc. - at the same time there were leaders of religious groups , right-wing political groups, members of the general public who had always had negative feelings about strip clubs and what goes on inside, etc who were supporting the enforcement of the Erotic Dance Code 100%. There was also the issue of WHO was going to CREATE the Dance Code ? The people opposing the code were scared that Vegas clubs would become "air dance" clubs and customers would only spend so much before calling hookers to their hotels. The girls who came from California just to dance in Vegas could forget about it - guys who came to Vegas for its great Strip Club experience would stay in their hotels and gamble. It would be the end of an era. This was a huge deal here. The Clark County Commission was given the task of creating an Erotic Dance Code that was fair to everyone: keep the clubs fun, but don't keep it legal for dancers to use their artistic freedom to dry hump a customer for the length of an entire song, for as many songs as he can pay for. Eventually the Clark County Commission released the code to the public and announced that it would go into effect immediately. Again, it was all anyone could talk about. Would Metro be in all the clubs every night ? Would the dancers go to jail for violating the code ? Lots of confusion. Where I worked, we were all given copies of the code to become familiar with, we had a meeting where we were told Metro MIGHT stop by for a few minutes here and there at first, but we wouldn't know when or for how long. We were told not to worry, continue dancing as if this code did not exist. IF , for some stupid reason, we were spoken to by Metro, we would be given a citation much like a traffic ticket, it would have a court date on the back and the club's lawyer would go with us to court at no charge to us, and get the ticket dismissed. If he couldn't get it dismissed, the club would pay the fees and/or fines associated with the ticket. Amazingly, NO girl from that club ever even got a ticket. I won't disclose the name of this club here, but anyone who was paying attention around the time of the passing of the Erotic Dance Code by the Clark County Commission probably knows what big name club had a certain amount of involement with certain members of the Clark County Commission. Just like everything, it eventually all came out in the wash - making the story even more worthy of the evening news. As time passed, the code actually continued to be enforced. As more time passed, nobody asked questions and clubs rarely said a word to the girls about code violations. It became "if you did the crime, you pay the fine". The clubs were happy when the dancers violated the code every night, making money for everyone. Few girls knew anything about a code unless they got a ticket. Even then, they were confused, and much like Tatiana's reaction, they thought it had something to do with prostitution. Where is the club's responsibility ? If you are going to support the dancers violating the code when metro isn't around - support them when metro shows up. All clubs have more than one lawyer on retainer - if the ticket is for a lap dance violation and NOT soliciting or prostitution, have one of your lawyers at least talk to the girl and walk her thru the process of what's going to happen at her court date. Let her explain to the lawyer what happened and if the girl has been working at the club loyaly for a while and has not caused any problems, I say send the lawyer to meet her at the court house and show her some support.

Adrianna on :

Does a BJ count as prostitution ? Do you mean legally ? To the person giving it ? Getting it ? Inside a strip club ? Let's say you are talking about a strip club. If a customer asks a dancer/entertainer if she will give him a BJ and she says Yes, but you will have to pay/tip me $whatever$ first AND we have to go into the VIP room for half an hour - and this customer does what she says and gets his BJ, she gets paid for the VIP room plus her BJ fee then YES YES YES this is prostitution. However, if the dancer thinks the customer is really cute and she is a little bored and she enjoys giving BJs....he asks and she says we just have to go to a private VIP area, don't worry about the rest - and she gives him a BJ because she doesn't really care and she likes it too.....not prostitution exactly because they didn't make a deal specifically for compensation for a BJ. But I think I know what you are asking, and yes, whether its a BJ, HJ, Sex, or other sexual act done in exchange for money/drugs/a gold ring - it is prostitution.

Tatiana on :

Oh my gosh....I got dizzy trying to decipher through all that.
First of all, my blog is NOT a legal advice forum for dancers, neither have I ever claimed it to be. It's a BLOG, legal advice should be sought at the appropriate place....therefore - BETTER CALL SAUL!

You Adrianna, seem to know a lot about this issue. Did you not mention in a previous comment that you worked at The Rhino for 11 years? I don't know when you did that 11 year stretch there but I DO know that The Rhino has friction lap dances, yes focused on the crotch area of the person receiving the do most Vegas clubs. MOST I'm saying since I have not been to ALL Vegas clubs and from what I have witnessed.....OK.
What I have also witnessed at The Rhino and other Vegas clubs is lots of boob grabbing on the floor, for sure some girls let guys suck on their boobs and I can just imagine some of the other activities that go on.
I know of girls that are so over getting constantly groped by the guys that visit The Rhino that they need to take long breaks to recover mentally.
You can search in my blog about what kind of lap dancing I think is OK and how I handle things....if you are curious.
And the "top club" you danced at in Vegas, the club that was "first of it's kind" but you don't want to mention by name, the way I interpret it...the only club I can think of in Vegas that was and still is a first of it's kind is The Palomino because they are allowed to go nude on stage and alcohol is served in the club, plus it's been around since the 60's so for sure it's one of the first. Or some other Vegas club that opened long before I was born. The Rhino is not a one of a kind club, it's just another topless club in Vegas. I do know that back in the day they did after hours there, aka The Rhino had a night club atmosphere after a certain time in the early AM hours and people would pop E in there and listen to EDM. Plus enjoy high friction lap dances at the same time.

I have also worked in clubs where asking a guy to buy you A DRINK is looked as solicitation.
Then you mention "whether its a BJ, HJ, Sex, or other sexual act done in exchange for money/drugs/a gold ring - it is prostitution." What I have to say to that is.....then legally LOTS of women/girls prostitute themselves on an everyday basis whether it's in a strip club or not. Women sleep with guys to get that ring, or after the guy buys them dinner and a movie, after some drinks at the bar, for financial security = marriage in many, many cases. Parents sell their daughters for some livestock or whatever bride price they agree on.
Prostitution is all over the place then.

adrianna on :

You very clearly were dizzy when you read my comments. The first was really long I admit but in my defense I was doing my best to explain some things that it seems like most dancers I meet don't know. I never said the Rhino made sure its girls were not in violation of the erotic dance code. Quite the opposite. I said that most of the clubs support "violating" the codes and do not teach dancers anything about how to give a "clean" dance. Read the comment one more time, slowly. I don't at any point claim that the Rhino obeys the laws in any way. The club I mention but don't give the name of - I very clearly say that it was involved with the creation , passing, enforcing of the erotic dance code while instructing the dancers to ignore it. The Palamino ? Are you joking ? How old are you or should I say how long did you "dance" in vegas ? Use your computer and google or another search engine and look up "clark county commission - erotic dance code - nevada" and see what you can find. You don't seem to know anything about the erotic dance code or where it came from. Its not that old. You can find plenty of news articles covering the issue if you try. I am proud to know what I am talking about when it comes to stripping in vegas. Tickets, dance violations, soliciting, accepting money for sex, and our history of why these things exist are all part of stripping that as I've mentioned before - it seems nobody knows anything anymore. I liked the one sign you showed a pic of that stated all dancers should familiarize themselves with the erotic dance code found in the contracts they signed. Good. Every stripper working in vegas should at least know the code, let alone know when and why it went into effect to begin with. Its not brain surgery and I know not all strippers are stupid creatures content to know nothing about their history. Yes, it is our history.


"It was the first of its kind here in Vegas "...........I am referring to the EROTIC DANCE CODE. NOT a strip club. Right after saying it was the first of its kind here in Vegas I go on to say " It was facing opposition from club owners, dancers, etc.....". Does that sound like I am talking about a club ? Um, NO. The first "dance code" in Las Vegas. I am not talking about some weird cutting edge club, nor am I talking about the Palamino. I am not THAT old. Try 31. I started dancing at 18, got implants before I was 19, and before my 20th birthday I had become 'friends' with one of the night shift managers at the Rhino who thought I always 'forgot' my Sheriff's Card at home....wink, wink. BUT I was 18 and working with my bracelet so I couldn't drink - at a different club first, the one that got all of the attention in the end with the Clark County Commission. How can someone who claims to have such vast experience in Vegas not know what I am talking about ??

Tatiana on :

Hey Adrianna (or Andrea/Sunnie, did you comment using those names also?) come off as snarky, bitchy and a bit angry. Your comment was confusing....OK. I'm not the only one that thinks so either.
No, I am not familiar with the erotic dance code in detail....even though I danced in Vegas, sorry or actually I'm not sorry at all. But I am glad that you are, GOOD for you! Awesome. You should get a gold star for that. I even said it in a previous comment, "I am not familiar with courts or the law much I have to admit." So maybe YOU should follow your own advice and read the comment one more time, slowly.
But yes, I do agree with you - it is a good thing for Vegas dancers to be somewhat familiar with the erotic dance code. But it seems to be omitted A LOT. How strange.
Also, thanks for filling me in on your breast implant And you "friendship", WINK WINK, with one of the NIGHT shift managers at The Rhino that let you work without your Sheriff's Card (as I understand it). Do you have anything to say about the possible legal problems you could had gotten yourself involved in if you would had been busted for working at The Rhino without your Sheriff's Card?
Like I said, this is not a forum with legal advice for seem to have plenty of knowledge about that....maybe you should start one, or your own blog.
Also your reference, "I know not all strippers are stupid creatures content to know nothing about their history."
I sense that you are implying that I am stupid for not being familiar in detail with this code aka "stripper history" you keep on talking about. I don't need to prove my intelligence or whether I am stupid or not, (according to you) you, OK.
You are clearly way too overqualified to waste your time and expertise here in the comment section on my blog.
Thank you for all your input so far.....very....eeeh...impressive....

Mandy on :

The police can view an offense however they see fit, and sometimes someone can then be arrested and unable to sort out a case until they go to court. And there, hopefully the person is informed. Then its up to the prosecutor to handle the situation how they see fit. Whether you're taking your shoes off in Dallas, Tx, giving blow jobs in Vegas, or not wearing the appropriate latex in Scottsdale AZ, or touching your vagina suggestively in Toronto. Regardless of what the city ordinances are at the mercy of the person in the club who's sole purpose is to bust naughty dancers. Or have a reason to fine the a trip a huge amount of money because they may just be in violation of their liquor license.
So like Tatiana's blog here says, your best bet is to get out of dodge when the police show up.

Tatiana on :

Yes....Thank You. :-)
Not to mention the whole system making money from arresting/fining/prosecuting/public defending/hiring expensive attorney/corruption etc etc that might.....MIGHT be in place when charging people for a plethora of things the way THEY (the system) see it fit.
This is not Sweden, this is America.....based on capitalism....prevalent even in the fair and square legal system.

Adrianna on :

I don't need to leave comments using other names. I didn't mean to offend you. My comments were meant to be general, as in, "MOST GIRLS" or "NOT ALL STRIPPERS....". Nothing personally directed at YOU. I wouldn't read your blog if I thought you were stupid. I don't think there was need for you to say I was angry, snarky, and bitchy. But that's all you need to say to lose a reader.

Tatiana on :

If you read your last couple of comments and your tone in them I think it is safe for me to say that you COME OFF as snarky/bitchy/a bit angry.
Offended? Not really. I know myself.
I also know that you will keep enjoy!

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