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Listening To Bla Bla Bla.....

Last week when I was getting dressed to go home at work one of my co workers chatted me up. Pretty Jamaican girl with a nice face and nice body, all natural (except the hair), long and lean. Other than that a lot of girls in this club have a Kim K body, short chunky legs and big asses, no waist and fake boobs. Not what I consider pretty. But we all have different taste.
So Jamaica starts lecturing me that I should make way more money than I do. I guess she thinks I'm pretty also. That I need to be more aggressive and hustle. Trust me, in this club and most large Vegas clubs, the hustle is hard and relentless. I compare it to being thrown into a bowl with starving piranhas. The men get attacked as soon as they step their foot in the door. Jamaica said that I am solely at work to make money and if I don't get the guy with the money to spend, somebody else, will. She absolutely has a point but I don't have the hustle in me, never have.....I just don't. Sure I will ask for dances but I won't beg, nag, latch myself onto people, talk dirty, drag them away to the VIP, force dance and then charge them. I can't do that. But it works, it always amazes me when some of the old dragons clomping through the club in their heels manage to drag some drunk and somewhat unwilling guy off to some corner and take charge of their wallet, good for them I guess....the old dragon, not the guy. He will end up with a severe case of PTSD. And part of me (a big part of me) thinks I'm too good and that people should be grateful that I am in there and even bother to give them a dance. They should ask ME for dances but it doesn't always work like that in a strip club.
I know, I am so very full of myself....and it rubs some people the wrong way but guess what?
I don't care because I know myself. And I have a mirror. But I think dancers could make more money if they were less eager. Just because you wave a dollar in front of me doesn't mean that I am going to do whatever, if anything that will make me annoyed. At least it annoys me. Classy people don't wave their change around. Yes, even a $20 counts as change.
Then Jamaica started telling me how much she makes. I know she makes money because I see her in the VIP a lot. VIP = place where you will pay more for lap dances. How much varies from club to club but usually starts at $100 for three songs and up. So I listen to her bla bla bla......the week before on a Monday she made $17 000 and when she worked at the Rhino it was several thousands a night, she mentioned sums of $35 000, I'm not sure if that was weekly or monthly. I like the girl, she is friendly and pretty but she gets completely wasted at work. The other night we did a VIP together for some guy. Good that he gave me my money upfront because halfway through the second song I put my top on, grabbed my purse and walked out without a word. The kind of entertainment he expected and got (from what I saw) I do not provide, even if it could potentially make me $17 000/night......(ahem.....or even $1700 to be more realistic). I am a "prude" in some ways, I guess for being a dancer and all. But certain things do not belong in a strip club. And I only do certain things with my bf (or gf). Nobody else. ;-)
Besides that I've had a full blown cold with a runny nose and mucus-y throat. I was being so proud that I was going on so long without being sick and as soon as I stepped inside a Vegas strip club and got blasted with the ice cold AC laden with all kinds of germs I got sick. No fever or ache though, only the nose and the throat......but I'm almost back to normal now. I even look sick and tired in the pic, my eyes feel tired when I have a cold.


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Mandy on :

HAHAHHAA!! The old dragons!! You're fuckin killin me!! I don't hustle much myself either. I think the guys with the real money want a classy girl anyways. I mean sure, you can suck a dick and make a grand, but the classy chicks get paid to talk...and get presents in the mail :-)

greg on :

Sexy anorrexic rib cage picture. Show me more of that please , sick unhealthy strippers are the best. The older the better, dont fall down you might break a hip. Do guys like touching those ribs ?

Tatiana on :

Hi "Greg",
You seem like a real sweetie!

Mandy/Mark on :

Yeeeeeah I love to rub down on them sexy ANOREXIC rib cages....mmm mmm i like them nice and unhealthy. But you have all your teeth still, what a disappointment. Get a meth habit already, what's wrong with you.

Tatiana on :

Tatiana only does the blue Heisenberg meth, directly delivered from either Mr. White or Jesse.

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