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Spend this Sunday afternoon until sunset doing a photo shoot. Got contacted by a couple that asked if I wanted to help them with their project. I would provide the modeling and they had two outfits for me, each came with a different hat and props like a rifle and a knife.
They have a business idea but before they can take it public they need to make sure they have enough material to represent their idea and that's where I come in. It was a fun shoot, outside in the beautiful Nevada desert. It is gorgeous here. It was windy and a bit chilly out there today. When I drove home in the evening the sun had set and Vegas laid spread out shimmering like an oasis of jewelry in front of me......beautiful!
Now I am at home, trying to warm up with a cup of tea. I have a runny and stuffy nose. I ate a burrito and a coconut flan from Cafe Rio earlier, sooooo good and I'm full. Soon I'm going to wash my face and hit the bed. I'm really tired.


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Mandy on :

Heeeeey!!! Is that a FROG ring I see?!
I collect them, even have one pretty freaking similar.

Tatiana on :

YES! It's a FROG
They had me wear it. You collect frogs or frog rings?

Mandy on :

Frogs...all frogs. Jewelry and stuffed animals and magnets and ones that

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