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Woke up with a raspy throat today.....raspy and full of mucus. I got very cold at work a few nights ago, therefore the raspy throat. Not a big fan of icy cold strip clubs, HELLO I'm wearing heels and lingerie, OK? Thought about working tonight but decided to stay in, got some soup at Cafe Rio and an extra hot chai with whipped from Starbucks. Starbucks and Nordstrom have the best whipped cream, I decided. And you know that you can always ask them to make your latte or chai extra hot, right? I always ask for that, I don't like lukewarm drinks.....either hot or iced. So Cafe Rio, Mikey took me there today, my first time and they serve Mexican. Have to say that I had the best tortilla EVER, they make them there in front of you, delicious.

Have you read about the Mickey the "pitbull" that bit the toddler? Well, it says that the dog MAULED the toddler, it looks more sensational like that. Also there are some conflicting reports to what exact breed Mickey actually is. And of course it makes the headlines when there is a pitbull involved, much juicier than lets' say a poodle. I of course hoped that the dog would NOT get euthanized after reading the story. The dog did not charge and attack out of nowhere and unprovoked. I do agree that the boys face is badly injured after seeing some pics. And it is very sad for that little boy. Usually there is a reason why dogs bite, I got bit twice by our dog when I was a toddler and my Mom did not put the dog down. Not because she valued the dog more than me, that is being discussed in Mickey's case, no because she knew I did something to annoy the dog. And I did. Toddlers and family pets do not always go together, unless your family pet is a caged bird or a fish. I don't let toddlers around Chhaya, one she doesn't really like them and two I don't trust the toddlers. No way I would put Chhaya down if she snapped at some kid because it pulled her tail or something. Yes, I LOVE my dog, she is MY baby and I am proud to say that. So Mickey gets to live but I guess the judge ordered that his canines gets removed.....that is kind of mean but whatever. Mickey is alive, he is a cutie, I wish I could adopt him but I can' I hope he finds a good and loving home where he can be a member of the family instead of being chained up. In case some of you don't know, dogs are pack animals and they do not do good if they are kept outside and on a chain. They belong inside with their family = YOU. Obviously Mickey's former owner missed out on that. Some people should not be pet owners, ever. Also always supervise your kids around dogs, even small dogs, especially if there is food involved. Chhaya lets me stick my hands into her food bowl but I know I would be irresponsible if I thought somebody but me could get away with that unharmed. Chhaya is a DOG, not a human, therefore she reacts different than me. Although human being are way more dangerous to our own kind and every other living being on this planet than the animals could ever be.
Yes yes.....I know that dogs sometimes do major harm, seemingly for no reason. But if I was an animal, I too would be majorly pissed off at humans.....humans mistreat, torture and slaughter animals on a daily basis.


Xena.....innocent puppy abused by a human. You can read about her online or search for Xena in my search bar to see what I wrote.


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