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Vegas Dancer

I made a quick detour to the famous Las Vegas sign tonight after work. This is my Vegas dancer pic, what do ya'll it? I've seen different kinds of pics of that sign but never one like this before. I'm am brilliant.....I know....


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Annette on :

Yes you are :-).....I love it!!!

Shelley on :

Like your pic

Tatiana on :

Shine bright like a diamond!

Mr.B on :

Brilliant footprints from a brilliant Vegas woman. Yes, I like the shot. Only better ones are with you over 6 feet tall in them.

Tatiana on :

There might be a few of those coming up.....

Steve on :

Was that taken the night we chatted? fab night and fab to meet you. back home now and its all a memory!!

Tatiana on :

Actually yes....I took that pic after work the night I met you and your friend!
Nice to meet a friendly person from England, watch Breaking Bad and ENJOY your will all work out!

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