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Like I have mentioned many times before, Whole Foods is my fave store in Vegas. As soon as I get back in town I go to Whole Foods and I have been eating there and getting my daily vanilla latte from there almost every day on this trip. I also drink one super yummy and nutritious juice from Whole Foods every day. I'm feeling super healthy right now. And happy!


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RenegadeX on :

Hi Tatiana!
I happen to be heading to Vegas tomorrow...might be able to hit up some clubs. Any recommendations? Or which one do you work at? It would be kind of fun to meet the maker of chaos...

Tatiana on :

Hi! I am not working the next couple of you might not be able to meet "the maker of chaos" (I like that).
Club recommendations.....I would avoid Sapphire (I personally don't like it).....try The Rhino (a sure bet) or Crazy Horse Too (reopened recently, old classic) for topless or Little Darlings or The Palomino for nude. There are lots of clubs.....Club Paradise might also be a place to visit.
My tip is, bring CASH.....avoid using credit cards in Vegas strip clubs, you can sometimes get overcharged A LOT.

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