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I worked last night again. My friend has been doing well in this club but with my luck (always like this when I travel) things have slowed down and a lot of the girls are complaining, even my friend that is a good looking girl. It's a typical Vegas club, way too many girls.....some that should not be dancing at all or should had retired 20 years ago. Aggressive hustle, getting the guys drunk and taken for a ride, don't take no for a answer. Rude and obnoxious guys, thinking they are cool in front of their buddies when in fact they are just pathetic little shits. I'm still making money but nothing fantastic so far, trip and bag is paid for.....of course, with money left over.....of course. When I say fantastic I mean $ 1000-1500 every time I set my foot in the door. Check out these lovely Pamelas (boobs) and the prices for entertainment.

I do have to say that they enforce the limited touching at this place. No crazy groping going on and guys are supposed to keep their wandering hands to the side and no boob touching that I have seen. I like that.
Another typical Vegas occurrence, inebriated girls. NOT SEKSI. The clubs here should have a room set aside for them where they can rest and sleep the booze off so they don't have to lay sprawled out on a (dirty) carpet. Or maybe she was just tired? I have slept at work before from being bored, tired and jet lagged.


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Mandy on :

Oh bless her heart lol. Now that's the juicy stripper stuff I like to see. Reminds of New Orleans, hahaha those girls man. We had couches though... and occasionally they would get puked on.

Tatiana on :

Yes.....bless her heart!

Annette on :

Tatiana.....that picture made me laugh :-) I am sure you never nap on the floor.

Tatiana on :

No, no floor for me but I have slept on couches, armchairs and even a hard bench on a towel with my shirt as a pillow when I was jet lagged.

Shelley on :

Omg cant believe u took a pic of that girl lol and my boobs look big...

Tatiana on :

Like swollen cantaloupes!
Next I need a pic of your butt.

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