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New Bag

I'm sprawled out in bed with sore legs after spending the afternoon in two of the malls on the Strip. I have been looking for a new nice black bag to replace the one I have been using for a long time. The Givenchy I saw the other day is gorgeous but I can't spend that kind of money on a bag/purse ($ 2600) I have to stay somewhat within my budget. I could buy it.....but it is kind of a lot for a purse.....I don't have Paris Hilton's money. Found a beautiful bag at Coach, never liked the bags there before.....I always thought that Coach, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags were ugly and tacky looking. The bag I found today is classic and nice. I told the sales people I'm still browsing and that I might return it if I find a bag that I like more.....and that's no problem.
Found some Honey Dew's in pretty colors, an eye shadow (Fairy Princess!) , a hair treatment mask from Wen (have been curious about Wen hair products for a while) and I needed a new L'Occitane face cream.

My breakfast today was an iced vanilla latte.


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Kay on :

Check out
They have some of the brands you have mentioned that you like. You might find something you really like for a great deal. :-) Oh and it's always free shipping.

Tatiana on :

I looked, I like the site. Thank You!

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