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Guess what? I went to work here in Vegas. Had an OK night tonight, met lots of nice people even two guys from Sweden, one was too drunk to have a conversation with but the other one was fun to talk to since we carried on in Swedish. I just got out of the shower, laying in bed, my feet need some lotion, I need water and then sleep. Getting up at around noon for food, shopping and Sunset Park again. More details about work another time, if I decide to share......


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Paul on :

Are you moving to Vegas? Or just a visit?

Tatiana on :

I don't know yet....

Mandy on :

I'm so jealous of your time there. My last Vegas trip was so boring. I'm dying to hear more about work there.

Tatiana on :

Next time, go to Vegas with me and you won't be bored.....

Mandy on :

You let me know when!!

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