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Back In Bed

I left work at 2 am after another dead night.....I am home now and back in bed. Made myself some tea and toasted a couple of English muffins, butter and orange marmalade on top.....sooooo good! The nights when I don't go into work are the nights that are good it seems, I guess a girl made over $ 300 on one stage set last Monday, not bad I have to say. Where was I? At home eating. Tonight I watched music videos at work and drooled over Rihanna's Instagram, how freakin' SEKSI can a girl be? I'm in love with Rihanna. Finally when it was 2 I begged to go home, I said that I felt like a captured Russian hooker and just couldn't take it anymore. Pleaseeee, let me go homeeeeeee! Set me freeeeee!
Well.....I have to wash my face, the silver glittery eyeshadow has to come off. Then sleep.
Things I entertain myself with when I'm bored at work.....selfies and pics with a snake.


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