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Got some new that will keep me occupied and content for a few days. One book about pro choice and some stories about that. Oh yes, I am pro choice. And so is the lady in the bookstore that sold me the book, we talked about that for a while and both agreed on that Planned Parenthood does lots of good. And then a book about a woman's rise to a prominent political position in Afghanistan, a country known for not having a friendly attitude towards women.

Books and pizza....a perfect way to spend my afternoon. Pizza is one of those perfect foods. Now I am watching the closing ceremony in Sochi. I wish I was at that party! Then I saw some footage from Ukraine, there are some brave people over there, out fighting in the streets like that, protesting and getting shot at. Take that Occupy Wall Street! What happened to that movement?
One more thing about pregnancies and pro choice. I do think that women should do what is right for them. Because when it comes down to it, women are the ones carrying the baby and going through the trauma squeezing the baby out. And for many women it is a very scary and painful experience. I have spent this last week reading many birth stories about vaginal tears and bad stitching afterwards and long lasting problems in the neither regions after going through the "joy" of childbirth. I bet if it was men that went through all of that there would be no question to whether they should be allowed to have an abortion or not. Not to mention that women are the ones that get stuck with the largest responsibility to caring for the children (in most cases). Therefore you need be more careful and thoughtful to with whom you choose to have your kids with and that goes for men too. Should be common sense right?
I know somebody that has a pregnant 17 year old daughter. The girl has been "dating" the guy for about two months. Why she feels like she needs to be a Mom right now is just kind of strange to me, she is still a child and in high school. And the guy does not want to be a dad and I absolutely understand that. They probably barely know each other, a few months of "dating" meaning maybe going to the movies a few times, riding in his truck and having some sex does not mean that you know that person enough to make a mature decision about starting a family together. I feel bad for the guy. The baby will be ok, because the pregnant 17 year old has her Mom and a large family to lean on for support. But that is not the case all the time. And you can't force somebody to be a father. I think that is really bad, when girls (in this case) and women do that. Get pregnant with some guy, any guy, whoever you are having casual sex with at the moment and then expect what? A marriage and a picture perfect family? How about being responsible and planning to make a family together? Sure, that is many times not a guarantee for forever bliss and happiness but still much better than being irresponsible about reproducing.


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Alex from San Diego on :

Hi T,

There was book that I read in my second year of college many years ago. The title is All the Strange Hours: The Excavation of a Life by Loren Eisley. It's one of those books that even after 20 plus years I can still remember it's message about life.


Tatiana on :

Thank You for the book tip, I will look the book up. I am very interested in messages about life.....have been thinking a lot about life and death lately. Not too happy about the ending we all will face one day.....

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