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Shaving Kit

I had one of the funnest nights in a long time at work last night. We just laughed, joked around and made was perfect! I even had a shot, they made me a mini shot but I still got a bit tipsy. And I felt really good. I told them they should be happy that I don't drink at work because I just become extra on top of what I already am.
So my armpit hair is growing and flourishing, it's not flailing after me when I twirl around the pole.....yet. And people are getting dances, they don't care. The only one that wants me to shave like right away is Boss Lady or The Pimp as we now call her. We joke around A LOT here, so The Pimp is said in a funny way and not behind her back in a mean way. I also sometimes tell guys (in an exaggerated very heavy accent) when they ask where I am from, that I am from Kazakhstan and that Boss Lady purchased me on the internet for $ 15 000. Then I elaborate further that I am forced to work every night, must make back the money plus a profit, only get one meal/day from McDonald's and that I want to escape and please can they help me get away? The other night Boss Lady told me that somebody might actually believe me and the authorities might come knocking to investigate the human trafficking that's going on at the club. I can assure you that I am perfectly legal in the US and not held captive, I just like to joke around, it makes work so much more fun. Anyhow, Boss Lady presented me with a shaving kit when I was on stage last night, I told her that she could do me the honors and shave me on stage. That did not happen. I have decided to keep my SEKSI pit hair for a while longer.

So, it's Sunday. I am off to do some errands soon, then me and Chhaya will go for a walk somewhere. I have to mention a few more things before I go. There are a lot of really psycho people out there. The other day I read about the married with kids Utah couple that had sex with their 16 year old baby sitter, killed her and disposed of her in the woods. SICK. I feel SO bad for that girl and her poor family. There seems to be a lot of seriously sick people living in Utah, I wonder why? Deprived much? Then today I read about some other married couple that murdered a bunch of people they met on Craigslist. The woman would post sex ads and horny men would answer them (WTF guys, STOP doing crazy stuff and THINK with the head on top of your shoulders!!!!) and then she and her hubby would kill the guys. I guess many of the killings happened here in Alaska. And this happily married psycho couple even went to a strip club after one of the murders. So if you are bored and feeling a bit lonely this Sunday, maybe in need of some sexy time attention, practice some safe self lovin'! Use your hand!
Do not search for attention on Craigslist, you might end up dead. Listen to Tatiana's advice!
And speaking of human trafficking since I mentioned it earlier, OF COURSE I am against it. Very much so. It's one of the topics, besides animal abuse that I really burn for. Well, I have to go now. Happy Sunday!


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