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Chhaya Tested And Approved

Chhaya tested a new food and approved of it. It's the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Bites. You get it frozen, it thaws up pretty quick. She got the chicken and liked it and next she will try the beef patties. It's a grain free food and you can get it at PetCo (look for it in the frozen section). Next week I am going to make her a meal that she can eat for two days in a row, some meat with veggies and add some quinoa or sweet potatoes.
If you go to you can get a coupon emailed to you.

Right now I am in bed cuddling with my baby. I get sooooo tired around 6 pm when it gets dark out, I could probably fall asleep right now. Dragging myself to work seems almost impossible. My bed is comfortable, Chhaya is soft and smells so good.....

Earlier today I watched Sweden's Charlotte Kalla win the gold in women's cross country skiing (relay), it was an amazing race and I was SO happy that Sweden got the gold. HEJA SVERIGE!
I even got a little teary eyed.....


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Annette on :

See this is why I need my daily dose.....I have been thinking about changing to raw dog food and here you are talking about it. A patient told me of a place here that makes it but I will check out Petco too. Jax has been getting shots of Adequin and they seem to help him a lot :-)..... Google it. His recovery is so slow.....the weather here makes it hard. All those days it was -20 he hardly wanted to move. It is warmer this weekend so we can go on short walks. I just love seeing Chhaya's sweet face and you snuggling with her!!!

Tatiana on :

Hopefully it will warm up soon so he will feel better and be motivated to go on walks. Chhaya doesn't like the cold either.
Try the food at PetCo, you can start with the small bags and see how he likes it. I also read about that food online.

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