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Sexy Time Chances

Here I am sitting and sipping on my latte.....trying to write something. I worked the last two nights.....Thursday night some young scrawny guy became somewhat obsessed with me.
It was his first time into the club and he was very excited, too much for my liking. He would not leave me alone and even walked into the dressing room three times. That is a big no no. Nobody is allowed into the dressing room besides the staff. The third time that he suddenly appeared in front of me in the dressing room mumbling something about wanting to talk I yelled at him to get the fuck out or I would have to nail him against the wall Lennox Lewis style. Speaking of Lennox Lewis, I saw him in Vegas one random night, he is tall and very good looking. I also encountered Mike Tyson a few times at Crazy Horse Too, he complimented me once and I just smiled and walked away. Back then it seemed like Mike had some temper issues although now he seems calmer and into his pigeons.
Then last night we had a young couple in that celebrated their one year anniversary.
Great advice for couples that celebrate an anniversary, go to a strip club and celebrate, fun times! She was really nice and cool. He was an annoying perv. I did a lap dance for her while her husband got a dance from another girl. He kept on pushing for her to take her shirt off. Then at the end he asked if I wanted to come home with them for a Valentine's "date". thanks. After that I did not want to deal with them anymore, because of him, he was just too much. He came up two more times asking me to come over and hang out and when they wanted dances again, I did not want to do it and another girl entertained them instead. That girl would have had a way more fun night in there without her creepy husband, because we all liked her and we all agreed on that he was a perv. I mean, don't be so pushy and eager. And don't think that we all want to go home and have sexy time with you just because you want to. That is not going to happen. If anything, she had way more sexy time chances with one of us last night than he did. What are your sexy time chances with dancers? Speaking from my own experience.....fairly small. The better looking the dancer the smaller the chance. She already has plenty of options, inside the club and outside and she knows it.
I am talking about normal chances now.....a mutual attraction kind of thing, not some play for pay kind of arrangement. But at the same time, I know plenty of dancers that have met guys they really liked at work, including myself. So it's not impossible.


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