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Potato Soup

So....after thinking about making potato soup for a while with a certain recipe in mind I decided to stop procrastinating and finally just did it. After that beautiful walk by Peterson Lake yesterday I came home and got busy in the kitchen. Here are the ingredients (most of them).

I tweaked the recipe a bit, I used eight potatoes, I added two chopped Serrano peppers and I did not have any Cajun spice at home and I totally forgot to pick up parsley at the grocery store, so no parsley in my soup. It took a bit of time to prepare for this soup, lots of chopping and peeling but I enjoy that stuff.....once in a while. And it was well worth it, the soup was yummy! If I make it again I will probably only put half of the soup through the blender, I like more of the potato chunks in the soup as texture. And the Serranos added some good heat. You can find the recipe here .
It's on a blog called I think it's one of the largest blogs is the US.
There are some other recipes on there that I want to try, the Ooey Gooey Cookies, Easy Caramel Sauce (that I will pour on vanilla ice cream) and last but certainly not least the Perfect Iced Coffee. There are so many amazing recipes on the blog, if you are into cooking you should absolutely check it out.


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