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Peterson Lake

It's almost midnight and I had a really nice day, I need to squeeze in a blog entry before this Sunday is over.....I went to Peterson Lake earlier. It has been so nice out lately, very warm for January, I love it and I hope it stays like this. I don't want any more snow, I wish that the snow will melt away and that we will be snow free by mid March. That would be nice! As you can see there is still ice on the lake, thick enough to walk on. There were large patches out in the forest around the lake that were clear of snow, it smelled like wood and earth. I want to go camping! A gorgeous, gorgeous Alaskan afternoon outside! I felt alive and happy to be alive.

When I got home I made potato soup. No, not heated from a can. I found a recipe on a blog that I have been wanting to try for a while. The soup turned out delicious, I will share it with you tomorrow. I don't cook often but when I do, I like to try out recipes, experiment with stuff that I have not cooked before and it usually turns out yummy. And then it was Breaking Bad time again. Walters and Jesse's adventures give me severe anxiety, I yell at them. I don't know about Jesse having a girlfriend, (I am a bit jealous, Jesse is cute in his own way, he is kind too)
I think the girlfriend is really pretty but at this point making money should be the only priority. More Breaking Bad tomorrow. I gotta go YO.


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Kay on :

Those are some really beautiful pictures! I loved Breaking Bad. I still have not seen the last season. It's a great show.

Tatiana on :

I'm so looking forward to a few more nail biting episodes tonight!

Mandy/Jasmine on :

WOW! So pretty! You guys have no snow and here in Michigan we have at least 3 feet. Crazy.
I hear that Breaking Bad is such a great show, I feel like I should watch it. But I'm thinking since my sisters husband is currently sitting in federal prison for a few kilos of meth, maybe it would hit a little too close to home lol. Orange is the New Black is pretty amazing also, in case you haven't watched it.

Tatiana on :

A few KILOS? WTF? LOL! You should watch it anyways, it is THAT good!
I read Orange is the New Black, very interesting story. The show is based on a true story......don't know if you knew that already.

Mandy/Jasmine on :

Heck no I didn't know that! Now I feel like one of those losers that have just watched the Harry Potter movies without bothering to read the books.
Yeah a few kilos...apparently it involves a Mexican drug lord, which is why he's in federal prison. Pretty exciting.

Tatiana on :

Yea.....exciting! He needs a good attorney, somebody like Saul in Breaking Bad.....that's the kind of guy I would want in case I needed one.

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