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Adagio Day Spa

I had a facial yesterday with Anastassia. She is changing the name of her spa from Anastassia's to Adagio Day Spa. She has taken on more employees, even an apprentice that was present during my facial, and therefore wants to change the name of the place. And she is expanding the business, opening up a spa inside Captain Cook, I told you she was good!
I am a facial afficionado, I know what I want and like and I want quality. I've had facials at Opulence and Allure in Anchorage before, the facials were terrible. I also had a pedicure once at Allure and it was so bad that I honestly thought for a minute that it was a prank of some sort and I didn't think that I should pay for a sorry pedicure like that. Especially since Allure claims to be voted the top 5 salon in the country. Not what I consider the best, not even good - overpriced, overrated and bad quality. Anastassia gives an amazing facial, I walk away feeling great and that I did something good for my skin. And after every time I can't wait to come back for more. The facials are long, meticulous and thorough, only quality products are used and there are plenty of small important touches incorporated, like essential oils, the heated bed you lay on and warm Himalayan balls that get placed under your neck. Also the face massage is THE BEST, Anastassia has that magic touch. I've been to some high end and great spas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, so I think I can say that I know what I'm talking about.
Anastassia has been complimenting me on my skin the last couple of times I have been there. I am not doing anything unusual, still using L'Occitane day and night cremes. I have been using Josie Maran argan oil on and off for about a year now. Only at night, sometimes alone and sometimes under the L'Occitane night creme. Since a year now I have been using the Clarisonic Mia face brush between one - three times a week, I love it and many people swear by it. If you are into skincare and don't have a Mia face brush I think you should invest in one. To the men reading this, give one to the woman in your life (makes for a great gift).
Besides that, I rarely use sunscreen (I'm lazy in that department) and I do a clay or honey mask once in a while. I have oily skin and slightly large pores and I have noticed a few sunspots around my eyes, so maybe I should start using sunscreen after all. Either that or undergo Fraxel. I don't like that I work in a smokey environment because that is so very bad for your skin and overall health but according to skin looks great. ;-)
Here I am with a face mask underneath and a hydrating and great smelling cloth mask on top.


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