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Few Hours Left

Only a few hours left of has been grey, cold and windy outside today. I just finished eating a great meal, Chhaya too, we are both stuffed and I could probably be like a Grandma and cuddle up under my electric blanket (I looooove that thing) and go to sleep, only to wake up to 2014. It sure sounds tempting! And I might just do that......or? I could listen to Coast To Coast, always interesting on New Years.
I heard somebody talk about the huge anticipation that comes with celebrating New Years. The party you should be at, the fun everybody hopes that they will have and a lot of times it turns out that it is the most overrated night of the year. I have celebrated a few really boring New Years Eve's (BLEH) and even twice I HAD to work, I was scheduled.....YUCK. I never want to work on New Years Eve, I'd much rather be home listening to the radio than work. But I also had some super fun and amazing New Years Eve's, topping the list is Together As One in Los Angeles. FUN is only a scrape on the surface to describe it. Tonight I'm in Kenai, comparing Kenai to Los Angeles or any of the local bars around here to a rave at the Sports Arena in LA is.....well, you just can't compare. So it is what it is. If I could be anywhere partying tonight I would like to be at Berghain in Berlin, getting down to Joel Mull, he plays my kind of music and Berghain is definitely my kind of place. High up on my to do list.
It would also be really cool to celebrate New Years at a place like Machu Picchu or while participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony deep in a jungle somewhere. Or while immersed in a hot spring in Iceland or sitting on a blanket at the foot of Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) in Australia. On the to do list as well.
Do you have any New Years Resolutions? I'm going to quit drinking and smoking, both cigarettes and crack. I heard it's bad for your health and I'm going to try to live healthier next year. Actually.....I don't have any Resolutions. Well, I am thinking that I should try to drink more water and eat more nuts. Yep, that is what I'm going to try to do.
I had to dig up a pic of me at Together As One a few years ago......

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I'm wishing you much happiness and all the best.


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