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Today I did some personal maintenance stuff. Got a haircut, less than two inches, no plans on chopping my hair off as of yet. Had a pedicure, it was surprisingly good. No color, I haven't had polish for almost two months now, I am letting my toenails breathe. Then I came home and took care of some stuff at home, entertained the thought of going to work. Then I got pretty bad stomach cramps again, so I took I Midol for the second day in a row now. No work, I'm in bed, waiting for the Midol to kick in. My bedding is freshly laundered, I feel sleepy.
And in the mood for some chewy caramel and chocolate.....but I ate it all. Thinking about how great it is that I can take a Midol and expect to feel better. That I am very grateful for. I don't know what I would do if I had a "regular" job and had to go in on a day with bad cramps.
How do people do it? Do they excuse themselves and curl up in a ball while concentrating on breathing in and out (like I do)? Maybe one day I will know. This is all I can muster up with right now. Goodnight!


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